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2018-03-23 01:36:36

Three-day trip: Went to the tour on January 6, 2016, stayed for three days, saying that three days to play is enough. Two of us went, when the preparation work must be done, need a ski suit, because it can resist minus 30 degrees, enough, so to ski, go out is enough, warm baby also want to take more, we took a lot, because this time the outdoor minus ten or twenty degrees is not the coldest, for southerners very cold, shoes must be warm, Put some warm insole, and when it gets cold, you can put a warm baby! There are only a few attractions to play, you can search, Central Street, Sophia Church, Sun Island, Snow Expo, Northeast Tiger Forest Park must go to the ice and snow world to play, these attractions are together, not far! Skiing do not go to Yabuli (to Yabuli to do more than three hours by bus), for beginners to Yabuli is to be pit, because they just go to the artificial hillside to play, it is better to play nearby, do not with the day group, cheat, we were pit. Before saying 120 yuan/person, after sitting on the car, say all kinds of hype, a lot of fun, let you pay money to play, because you have not been, listen to it very well, and will all kinds of sarcasm you, say that you do not care about this money, and then you do not pay let you stand next to what, unless you can insist on not paying, is to go skiing, he said that all kinds of ugly you can not hear, Then go! Say you can invoice is also cheating you (ask us to pay the money after saying you can invoice, you can give the ticket to you before you go), the result after playing to invoice will give tax money, that is not cheating people is what! In the taxi drivers look very enthusiastic, will suggest you to go with the group, it is also a cheat you, because they can get rebates, there is an ice carnival on the road to the Sun Island, we are black car drivers (play the Northeast Tiger Forest Park did not take the black car) pit, let us go inside to play, said to Yabuli play very expensive, there is everything here, it is better to play here, The result is more pit dad, the ticket is expensive to death, and then there is nothing inside, on a few interesting projects, to guarantee you regret, so do not listen to the driver's advice, are pit you! Buy special products can go to the supermarket, are genuine, the street merchants may be fake, we bought in the Walmart supermarket, the flood control memorial tower there is a Walmart supermarket, you can also store parcels. It is very convenient for us, because we are leaving that day, the train in the evening, and it is convenient to stroll around and eat snacks there in the afternoon!