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2018-04-05 06:24:23

The pearl on the shore of the Yellow Sea, the famous city with the classic beer fragrance of international architecture, and the hot land open to the outside world, only when you come will you know what is "red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky". July and August are the best seasons to go to the sea, starting from about ~~~~. The beautiful city is known as little Switzerland, with red tiles, green trees, blue sky and blue sea as well as architectural wonders comparable to Zurich Cathedral. The blue of the sea is the eternal background color of tourism. It is clear, pure and cleansed by the summer heat. Everyone who arrives at the seaside is refreshing and full of vitality. As an old driver in the travel industry, today I will tell you: this free travel is the most cool city


Train, plane, bus, walk


The city is not big, although there are many attractions, but the distance is very close, most of them are concentrated in the coast, as long as you do some guides in advance, freestyle free travel, absolutely play very good!


Free 2-day route: day1: Train station - Trestle (free) - Small (charge) - Catholic Church - Old German building complex - Lu Xun Park (free) - Xiaoyu Mountain Park (charge) - First Beach (free) - Eight (free) - Corner watch sunset (free). day2: May 4th Square (free) - Olympic Sailing Base (free) - Museum (free) - Oktoberfest Main Venue (August)


The Trestle Bridge is a must-see attraction, from the train station, a 10-minute walk can be reached. The trestle has a history of hundreds of years and has long been regarded as a symbol. The Huilan Pavilion at the end of the trestle bridge is a witness to modern history. When the tide is high, the waves beat against the breakwater, stirring up the waves, you can stop to watch. When the tide is low, the ochre reef and golden sand beach emerge from the water, you can walk down the trestle bridge and walk on the beach to catch the sea and pick up shellfish. Transportation: Take bus 25, 220, 223, 225, 304, 307, 311, 312, and tour Line 1 to the pier station. Tip: The train station is not far away, and the trestle bridge is only a 10-minute walk away. When you step off the train and walk out of the station hall, you can see the trestle bridge jutting into the sea. The north end of the trestle is flanked by Trestle Park.


The south pier of the small trestle bridge can be taken by speedboat to the small, just 3 minutes, the reference price is 30 yuan. Small island in the sea, because of its shape like a guqin, it is also called "Qin Island". The most striking sight is a white, tapered lighthouse at its highest point. Whenever the night is low, the shadow of the light is formed - the scene - "Qin Yu floating lamp". Traffic: 6, 26, 202 Circle line, 214, 223, 228, 231 Circle line, 304, 311, 312 section, 316, 321, 501, 504, Tunnel 2, tunnel 6 "Lu Xun Park (Underwater World)" station Tips: Ticket price 10 yuan -15 yuan recommended to play 1-2 hours.


After the tour of the Road Catholic Trestle, you can walk to the St. Emile Catholic Cathedral located on Road 15, which is the largest Gothic building and a masterpiece of Christian architecture. It has a minaret, is a famous western architecture. The surface of the church is carved with simple and beautiful patterns, coupled with light yellow walls, with a little pink red roof, rich and sweet colors. Of course, it is also a holy place to take wedding photos, with the cathedral as the background, which is very sacred and beautiful. You might as well take a picture here. Transportation: Take bus No. 6, No. 8, No. 221, No. 228, No. 231 Circle line China Theater Station, walk 120 meters south along the road, walk 160 meters east to the road to Tip: There are many scenic spots around the Catholic Church, walk 5-10 minutes north along the road, is the wood chopping yard famous for its food; Along the road to the south can go to the seaside trestle this, and then play along the beach; From the church to the east, there is Christ Church, Signal Hill Park and so on.


German buildings are mainly distributed in ten historical and cultural reserves in urban areas and districts, such as Lu, Lu, Lu, etc., which now basically maintains the architectural pattern and original historical style of the German occupation period. There is the site of the former German police station, the former Imperial Court, the former prison..... It's all German castles, brick by brick, every piece of history.


The First beach The First beach is an important spot for water play in summer. The sand is delicate and comfortable, but often people are particularly many water projects here are also a lot, jet skis, speedboats, etc., you can have a choice of experience. Enjoy nature's selfless gifts of sunshine, air, sand and sea breezes...... Transportation: 6, 15, 26, 31, 202, 214, 219, 223, 228, 231, 302, 304, 311, 312, 316 , 321, 368, 370, 411, 468, 501, 604, 605, City Tour Line 1, City Tour Line 3, Tunnel line 2, Tunnel line 6 Get off at Haisui Bath Station. Tip: The baths are usually open from July 1 to September 25. During this period, the bath provides dressing, flushing, storage, life-saving medical services and other services.


Olympic Sailing Olympic Sailing is located in the eastern bay of the city, where stands the huge Olympic torch and Olympic rings, the harbor is full of sailing boats is very spectacular. There are long coastal walks, walk along the beach, or lean on the railings to gawk at the sea, admire the various kinds of sailing boats, enjoy all kinds of comforts. Walking to the southernmost part of the Olympic sailing, you will come to a boardwalk deep into the sea, which is called "Lover's Dam". At the end of the boardwalk is a white lighthouse, which is a good place to date with your partner in the evening, even if two people walk around here casually and blow the sea breeze, it is also very romantic. Transportation: Take the bus route 210 Circle line, 231 Circle Line, 402 Circle Line, Tour Line 1 to the Olympic Sailing Base station.