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Polar Ocean Park play recommended

2018-03-17 01:36:00

Summer children are on vacation, usually children have classes, cram schools, etc., rare summer, as parents weekend, or to spend more time with them, put down, tablet computers, etc., take them out for a walk! Below, Xiaobian recommends the Polar Ocean Park for everyone, please see below ~


A camera with good pixels


First of all, we need to explain the location, polar Ocean World in the area, not in the city! Location: No. 777 Xianghu Road Business Hours: 9:00-17:00 Take Metro Line 1 directly to the terminus: Xianghu. Get off the bus directly and take a bus or taxi next to the MTR station. Of course, you can also drive to play.


Secondly, the most concerned is the ticket price! Ticket price: Full price ticket for the height of 1.3 meters above the tourist, full price ticket at the door 220 yuan/person; Children below 1.0 meters are free of charge, and each purchasing adult is limited to one child; Xiaobian recommends that you use the Internet to buy tickets, you can travel in, Ctrip, etc., you can offer some discounts.


The Sea World has a lot of Marine life, and you can watch a great beluga whale show, as well as a 3D show; If you want, you can kiss and take photos with the beluga whale. Attached below are some photos taken when steamed bread goes to play!


Jellyfish, very beautiful!


Dolphins, very cute ~


Very gorgeous fish ~



Matters needing attention

When playing, pay attention to your children and pay attention to safety


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