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ponycar Sharing car How to find a car fast

2018-02-23 19:12:00

ponycar sharing car, convenient to have a driver's license and no car friends, stool travel; But after all, the vehicle is limited, and it is not easy to go to the parking lot after being cut off in advance, and can only take a taxi. The following experience tells you how to find a car quickly.


ponycar Car sharing app


App Market Download the ponycar client App, why use an app? I think it's official and gives a better real-time picture of the vehicle.


Open the ponycar APP client registration to log in, of course, you need to authenticate your identity and driver's license.


First tap the lower left corner to locate, and then the interface will locate the parking lot where the nearest vehicle is located


Click the large button below to get the car immediately, or click the nearest green icon prompted


The interface displays the parking lot information, distance and each vehicle information. We need to keep an eye on power, license plates and whether the vehicle is two or five


Select a car with sufficient power, click on the reservation and enter the reservation for 15 minutes to confirm the car; In this way, the car will not be visible to others in the client for 15 minutes.


When you get to the parking lot, be sure to honk for your car. Time is of the essence. After 15 minutes, someone else can make an appointment, and you won't be able to get to your car. (After finding the click to pick up the car, you can find the car door to enter)

Matters needing attention

Check the vehicle condition before getting on the bus, because there are some bad cars that are not recycled without queuing.


Try to go to more than 2 parking points, when the car can be replaced