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Power Dragon Use Tips and Questions (2)

2018-03-21 20:48:13

【 Little White Welfare 】 Strong Dragon Use Tips and Questions (143 completed) (3)


What are the gestures in cloud OS? When browsing the web, sometimes the font may be too small to see clearly, do you know how to enlarge it? Double click or two fingers open to enlarge Oh ~ the following picture is a variety of gestures interpretation


How do I sync information through my computer? ①USB connection cloud browser mode. ② Use cloud browser and log in. ③ Open Cloud Assistant and log in.


How to add his/her birthday to a person? Today, one of my best friends said, "My boyfriend forgot my birthday and I'm so mad that I'm breaking up with him." How can we forget such an important date! You can set their birthday, anniversary in the person oh ~ in the important day to give them a touch! For someone who has clicked, select "Edit "-" Add more information "- Date - birthday!


How to add another email address in cloud mail? Niuniu has 4 to 5 mailboxes, many mailboxes, so that Niuniu has to constantly log in and quit when receiving various kinds of emails. But since Niuniu used [Yunyou], everything has become easier. It made all the mailboxes of Niuniu come to a "big collection". Cloud mail this function, very suitable for business people oh! Open the [cloud mail] on the cloud, you can operate! The following picture shows you how to set it up.


How to deal with people in the cloud space? Too busy to store people online? You can operate in the cloud space from your computer. Open a cloud browser, log in to, and add, delete, and modify the cloud space. And it's even easier to delete photos from your browser.


How to quickly read and view photos just taken? Do you know where I can get a quick look at the photos I just took? In the photo mode, gently click on the screen, the upper right corner will appear a folder like Dongdong, click here you can go to see the photo just taken ~ or to the desktop "picture" inside can also see! ~


What is call waiting? How do I open it? Call waiting is when you are in the call if there is a call you can choose to answer this, and if you are in the call happens to the other party to call you, he will hear the prompt: Hello, the number you dialed is engaged, please do not hang up. How do I enable call waiting on W718? Enable call waiting in Settings - Application Settings - Call Settings.


How to install the application in the computer? Downloading software costs too much data and is inconvenient. The following blogger teaches you how to install the east application inside the computer. ① Connect to the computer with a usb data cable, ② connection type select "Connect to the cloud space" ③ Log in to our cloud space, select "online application" you can install it, 5 seconds you can install a software.


Where's the sound hole for w7180?


What information is available on the lock screen? The screen lock of cloud OS is relatively simple, and only simple information such as time and date is displayed on the wallpaper background set by the user. The lower left corner of the screen is the call markup, and the lower right corner is the SMS markup.


How do I bring up the recently run task? Long press the leftmost home button to bring up the running task.


What does each interface do? Do you know what every interface on the cloud does? Do you know which one is the front camera? The following pictures explain these features in detail, so come and learn about them


How to use cloud applications? Do you know how to get into cloud applications? Click the "Cloud" button to enter the cloud application navigation interface, click the home button to exit the cloud application ~


How to store your frequently used cloud applications for your next use? I like [name big battle] this cloud application, but it is difficult to find it after the cloud application is opened, how to do? Try out the cloud app's favorites feature! Gently click on the favorites, you can quickly find your favorite dish in the favorites! It's very convenient!


How to stop a running program quickly? Application management is now directly placed on the desktop, the new "one-click optimization memory" function, in the application list interface can also stop the running task.


How to switch to English operating system? Now our operating system has an English version. Students who are used to using English can try it


How to put the web page on the desktop? Want to put your favorite web pages directly on your desktop? Next time you can open it directly ~ Everyone come to learn how to operate it


How to call up the nine cell input method? Not used to a full keyboard? Your fingers are too thick, you make a lot of mistakes, you type too slowly? Good news ~ The new version has added the Chinese Jiugong grid input method, do not hurry to experience one ~


[Cloud application recommendation] Price comparison - small two recently caught a cold, cough ~ to buy medicine in a Pei Pa Koa, wow, actually to more than 60... Ok, take out our w718, open the "compare price", scan the barcode immediately, price feedback to you! What? Only 35!! You know what? Let's just go home


[Cloud application recommendation] Ranking quickly to see what the network is selling the most popular, and what books everyone is reading recently. Leaderboards help you become a fashionista! ​

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