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Practical - Buy fruit tips

2018-01-13 06:24:00

There is a trick to picking fruit, no matter what fruit, the more sinister the concave part of the tree is the sweeter, to choose a moderate size of fruit, too large very can be so hormones, bulking agents what urge. After all, the best not to buy too big, whether it is fruit or crabs, fish and shrimp in the river! Tall orange, flat orange, bare orange. The orange should be tall, the orange should be flat, and the peel of the orange should be bright. Pick the orange is not the type, there is a ring is the female, usually will compare sweet, there is a spot is male, no female sweet, pick the skin thin and elastic, early orange juice sweet, late orange more rough tendon. Grapefruit, orange, orange to pick up the heavy hand, skin to pick up lubrication like the baby's skin the same, rough like pock-shaped face do not buy, but the prevailing winter sugar orange is very rough skin, lubrication is not good. When buying oranges, it is best to buy the bottom, that is, the "bottom" above the circle. Navel orange, just buy "butt" that hole is concave to compare sweet. Pomelo and pomelo are usually the firmer the better. The heavier the hand feels the same size, the better. Press by hand, the harder the better, the thin skin that cannot be pressed down, the thinner the skin, the better. The more lubricated the pomelo peel, the more uniform and golden the better. Such a honey pomelo, pulp moisture satisfaction, high sweetness, taste is also some. Watermelon, melon, melon: choose watermelon, to pick the melon markings feel like open the same, the tail blossom of the local close small, "navel" concave into the touch of the melon appearance is not lubricated, but uneven, melon color compared to green color compared deep, with one hand, quietly hit, listen to the dynamic, probably feel a little empty, Holding the hand felt quietly trembling, this watermelon is sand, inside is not tight. If not, it is a very dead dynamic. Choose the white melon melon is probably small, some of the melon head has no umbilicus, but there is a little green, this is the first leaf of a melon knot, compared to good pick, because of the long small. There is to pick the umbilical, the larger the umbilical, the better, click on the umbilical some of the softer. Smell the butt of the melon, there is a fragrance is good and sweet good melon to pick the melon to pick the network grain thick and dense, smell the strong aroma to buy any melon, and the melon vine is not connected together with the head is concave into the ripe, good, sweet apple: Fuji probably pick the kind of look a little bit, yellow through red, This kind of soil is usually yellow, crisp and sweet and a little bit sour, very good taste. Do not pick green through a little red, so, usually taste a little light, water can also be a lot, but sweet must not. The authentic red Fuji apple on the table is crooked, there is no positive, otherwise it must not be authentic, the color can not be extra red, some pink, and not red into a piece, to pick a lot of red silk, and "navel" to sink deep, so sweet. There are many dots on the skin, and the fingers are quietly played, and the loud echoes are sweet and crisp. Buy apples (mainly red Fuji), the best choice is the appearance of a strip of red (called "tiao red"), and red inside some yellow. The apples are brittle, juicy and sweet. Durian: durian pick fragrant, slightly cracked, you can see inside the flesh is soft and waxy, and never wet, the flesh is relatively slender, golden, the shell of the fruit shape is thinner, and the flesh flap will be more. The oblong type, usually having a thicker outer shell and thinner flesh. It is better to choose the yellow with green in the shell. Litchi: When choosing litchi, it is necessary to choose the kind with uneven skin and deep texture, which litchi is usually small pit! And the kind with a smooth, smooth exterior, usually has a big core! Not only the appearance of smooth, and pinch up to be elastic, if not elastic very soft feeling a little empty is put time long. Can also quietly press the tail of the litchi, if feel soft, did not press the hard object, generally speaking, the nucleus is relatively small, if you can feel the hard object, it is usually a large nucleus. Pear: The pear should be female, delicate, juicy and sweet. The female, that is, the top of the nest should be chosen even, the umbilicus deep, the umbilicus round, the root of the thick. Grapes: Grapes to pick the whole bunch, a grain of the kind of dense, first smell the fragrance, fruity to buy. If you're picking grapes in winter, be sure to buy them fresh. Don't look at the fruit, look at the stem, the fresh grape, the stem is stiff, beautiful green. When the color turns dark brown and soft, it is picked off for a long time, such grapes can look like the fruit is also very solid, but in fact, it is the role of low temperature protection, and not really fresh. Buy "rose" grapes should pay special attention to, this small fruit is not simple. Bananas: bananas do not pick both ends of the green, it is processed, and the size is not too big, smaller bananas are good, to be rounded, do not have an edge is a good banana, normal yellow, Kiwi: Choose kiwi must choose the head pointed, like a chick's mouth, rather than choose flat like a duck's mouth. The duck mouth is the one with hormones, and the chicken mouth is the one with no hormones or little hormones. The whole fruit of real ripe monkey peaches is super soft, choose to buy a slightly darker color, that is, close to earth yellow skin, which is a sign of satisfaction, but also sweeter. Kiwi to pick at the root is bright green, this is fresh. All soft and hard together, if one part is soft is rotten. The color is dark and sweet around the pedicle. Peach: The first choice of peach is to smell the fragrance, the more fragrant the sweeter, usually the appearance is not too beautiful, pick not too soft, with a small point above. Mangosteen: Mangosteen belongs to the cool fruit, the flesh is white, sweet, rich in calcium, phosphorus, life at least B and C, can be slightly pressed when choosing, if the skin is soft, the leaves are green that is fresh. If the skin is hard and the leaves are black, it is not fresh. Mangosteen to pick the color of dark red, can pinch the movement, especially the bottom can pinch the movement, the color of black, pinch up hard, nine out of ten inside is now rotten. There are mangosteen to buy shell comparison can press; If the shell doesn't move, it's old, and the flesh inside is dry. There are also to see the petal on the butt of mangosteen, there are several petals, that pulp there are several petals, must be together! Strawberries: Strawberries do not buy too red, the more beautiful the color is more sour, red with a little white strawberry is the most sweet. When buying strawberries, do not choose a very large, fresh shape of the kind, to choose the size together, a little safer, the color is not extra red, inside the best with a little white dots. Papaya: Papaya is also divided into male and female, the belly is the mother, more sweet. Usually pick the belly, the appearance is mottled a lot, the color just yellow to touch it is not very soft. If there is something gelatinous on the surface, it does not matter, it is sugar glue, so it will be sweet. If you want to buy papaya immediately, you must pick yellow skin, but can not be too soft, such papaya is sweet and not rotten. If you do papaya rib soup and the like, buy not completely old green papaya, this papaya is of course more hard, usually not eaten raw. When you are old, the skin is usually yellow and can be eaten as a raw fruit. For dessert, go for the red Hawaiian papaya, which is sweet. Summary: Plums are big, thick, black and red in color, sweet. Pick the walnut, weigh it in the hand, a little heavier to clarify the comparison, too light is dented. November is the time to eat pomegranate, pomegranate this east is usually not too simple difference between sour and sweet, only the sweet pomegranate tree is sweet, sour pomegranate tree is sour, and not ripe, but the price of sour pomegranate is cheap. If you can look at the appearance when buying pomegranates, the more there is, the more acidic the color is beautiful, a little gold and jade outside, the meaning of the waste. Sweet pomegranates are usually white or yellow in color and have no appearance. Choose pineapple to choose round, edge is not too outstanding, the more yellow the sweeter. Choose cucumbers, don't buy belly big small, this is playing hormones. Choose a cherry based on the freshness of the stem. Fresh fruit stalks are green and black when placed long. Then see if the skin can wrinkle, wrinkling indicates that the fruit has been picked off for too long, losing water. Longan is rich in calcium and phosphorus, and its fertile season is from June to August. When selecting, the fruit is robust, slightly pressed not to water, the flesh is solid, the core is small, the skin feels like a little prickly, can not be too lubricated, the flesh is thick and crisp, not like eating fat. Loquat. Orange, of course. The more orange the yellow, the sweeter. When peeling, take a spoon to scrape the skin, you can easily peel oh! When choosing tomatoes, do not choose the kind that has an edge, and do not choose to hold the feeling of a very light weight, which is a strange red agent. To buy this kind of appearance has a light layer of powder the same feeling, and the part must be rounded, if the part with a light blue, it is the sandiest and sweetest. Do not buy with the tip and the bottom is very high, to the kind of all look more lubricated, with the tip are the spring spread quickly ripening things spread more. Choose tomatoes to choose the color pink, round, skin with white dots. Rambutan is sweet and rich in vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. It is supplied from May to September every year. It can be stored for 2 to 3 days with red shell and green hair. Resume sharing: Advocate eating fruit according to the season. For example, eat watermelon when watermelon is in the market, and eat peaches when there are many peaches. To choose a moderate size of the fruit, too large very can be so hormones, bulking agents and so on. After all, the best not to buy too big, whether it is fruit or crabs, fish and shrimp in the river! The southern fruits sold in the north are mostly cooked in a disorderly way, because the southern fruits are not well transported after ripening, and can only be shipped raw and processed again, so it is also a way to eat local fruits as much as possible. Usually one smell, two look, three pinch. First smell whether there is the aroma of fruit, but also smell whether there is any other strange smell. Two to see if there is black or rotten local. There is a trick to picking fruit, no matter what fruit, the more fiercely concave in the pedicle, the sweeter.