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Precautions for glasses

2018-03-03 20:48:00

Is an international metropolis, China's national city, China's economy, finance, transportation, science and technology, industry, finance, trade, exhibition and shipping are here, but also attracted large and small enterprises to care, that we say in daily life glasses in the city countless, this depends on their own personal situation, Let's take a look at what to pay attention to with glasses, or what problems to pay attention to with glasses.


Glasses, lenses,


Glasses classification: A wide variety of glasses, distributed in the streets, and for relatively small glasses, obviously in the service and equipment did not meet the standard; There are countless medium-sized ones, and it is impossible to decide which is good; Therefore, most people still choose large regular glasses, Asia, or L O H O live some large regular O(∩_∩)O "glasses"


The first step of glasses matching: determine the glasses business, glasses are directly acting on the eyeball, if there is a problem in quality, it may affect the normal metabolism of cells in the eye, causing a variety of eye diseases, macular disease, cataracts and so on; Sometimes it can lead to vision loss, or blindness in both eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a regular island, or L O H O life.


The second step: Determine the lens material, the lens is the core of a pair of glasses, is to give the wearer clear vision, as well as an indispensable part of the broad field of vision. Under normal circumstances, for students with myopia, the choice of resin lenses is more suitable, because resin lenses in addition to effectively correct refractive, but also to prevent UV, infrared and other harmful glare damage. For patients with high myopia, because the lens is relatively thick, you can choose the aspherical design of the resin lens, thinner, lighter, clearer vision, more comfortable to wear, more beautiful.


The third step: determine the type of frame, the role of the frame is decoration, a beautiful, fashionable glasses to wear, the key is the choice of the frame. For myopic patients with round faces or myopia patients with relatively white skin, the shape of the selection of frames is best square, prismatic, so that the overall coordination is better; At the same time, choose more bright frame eyes, purple or leopard brown, which can highlight their personality and charm.

Matters needing attention

In addition to choosing the right glasses, lens materials, and frame type, optometry technology is also the most important step in matching glasses.


In addition, glasses should also be based on their glasses, or face shape, hairstyle, skin color to determine the type and style of glasses.