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Preparation for an art shoot

2018-01-13 16:00:00

Nowadays, we always like to take a book of art photos to record the good times of life. In fact, the first time to take a photo, always worry about this worry about that, some at a loss. In fact, as long as we are good after the studio, need to do not much preparation work, listen to me detail come!


This content has been taken from experience without authorization


In these days of waiting, you can think about the pose you want to pose at home, and practice it repeatedly in front of the mirror to avoid unnatural photos.


On the day you go to the studio, bring as few valuables as possible in addition to money, otherwise it is easy to distract yourself. In addition, do not wear high heels, out of the location need to walk a lot of way, the clothes themselves are inconvenient, wearing high heels more uncomfortable.


It is best to go to the studio one hour in advance to make up, and leave the time a little longer, so that you can have more time to adjust your costume to achieve the effect you need. Before going to the studio to make up, do not make up, just rub some water and lotion. It is best to bring your own makeup remover oil, some studios will not help to remove makeup. Of course, you can also bring a bag of wet wipes, when you can wipe off the foundation liquid.


After shooting, it is best to choose the film after shooting on the same day, and choose the film according to your own preferences, you can not listen to the opinions of others. In addition, after selecting the film, other electronic photos should be taken over and kept as a souvenir. At the same time, be sure to remind the studio retouching film not too much, lack of authenticity is not good.


Before leaving, set the time to pick up the film with the studio, and pick up the film according to the agreed time. Check the quality of the frame and canvas carefully when holding the film.

Matters needing attention

The studio can provide high heels for the photo shoot


Be sure to wear a corset or top with invisible straps