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Preparation of Asafoetida huafuppi paste

2018-03-24 00:00:11

Properties: This product is a black plaster spread on the cloth. Prescription: 20g Magnolia officinalis 20g Rhizome rhizome 20g Angelica rhizome 20g Garlic 20g Angelica Rhizome 20g Pangolins 20g wood turtle 20g dung beetle 20g Coptis rhizome 20g Rhubarb 20g castor rhizome 20g frankincense 3g myrrh 3g aloe 3g blood dried 3g realgar 15g cinnamon 15g camphor 15g asafoei 20g Preparation method: The above 24 flavors, in addition to Asafoei, camphor, frankincense, myrrh, aloe vera, blood dried, cinnamon crushed into fine powder, realgar water fly or crushed into very fine powder, with the above powder, sifted, mixed. The rest of the incense and other 16 flavors are broken, with edible vegetable oil 2400g in the same pot fry until dry, remove the residue, strain, refined until the water drops into beads. Add 750 ~ 1050g of red lead to oil, stir well, collect the paste, soak the paste in water. Melt the paste with gentle heat, add asafota, camphor and the above powder, stir well, spread on the cloth, and get. Functions and indications: removing distention and eliminating accumulation. It is used for qi stagnation and blood coagulation, lump mass, abdominal pain, chest and abdomen fullness. For external use, warm and soften, apply to the umbilicus or affected area. Note: Prohibited for pregnant women. Specification: Each net weight (1) 6g (2) 12g Storage sealed, stored in a cool and dry place.