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Price analysis of pt950 rings

2018-01-10 00:00:00

Lovers like to use eternal things to compare love, in some new people to buy love things also began to choose platinum rings, but the price of pt950 rings relative to other white gold rings, palladium rings are relatively high, what are the factors affecting the price of pt950 rings, you buy pt950 rings price is reasonable? The following Xiaobian one for you to analyze. This is one of the main reasons for affecting the price of pt950 rings. Most of the PT950 abstinence is vegan gold rings, and the material of the vegan gold ring is definitely an important factor affecting its price. Platinum (Pt) is a naturally occurring white precious metal. The state stipulates that only jewelry with a platinum content of 85% or more can be called platinum jewelry and must bear the Pt logo. Pt950 platinum means that the platinum content in the ring is not less than 95%. Compared with white K gold rings and palladium rings, PT950 pairs are more expensive raw materials. Second, design This is another factor affecting the price of pt950 rings. Perhaps you are tired of traditional rings, then a ring with a whimsical design scheme is amazing, can make you feel different, unique, dazzling, and become the center of attention. Third, the process has a good material and a design scheme full of aura, then the production process has become the main reason for affecting the price of pt950 rings. Even the best and material and creativity if there is no exquisite craft to make him, it is just the moon in water, the flower in the mirror. Shoddy workmanship is unable to perfectly reflect the first two. Generally speaking, pt950 rings are plain gold rings, but if your ring is set with diamonds. Then the quality of diamonds or gemstones is also an important factor affecting the price of pt950 pairs. If your diamond is greater than 20 points, pay attention to the 4C of the diamond, which is crucial to guarantee the quality of your ring. Ok, see here you have some understanding of the pt950 pair ring price? I hope you can choose your own best ring.