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Property daily cleaning basic knowledge

2018-03-24 17:36:31

Daily cleaning generally refers to the place or house that is in use or is needed for long-term cleaning services, also known as "care services"; Property daily cleaning service '. Daily cleaning refers: Acceptance of long-term or short-term contracted daily cleaning and maintenance work, generally refers to the acceptance of regular or irregular daily cleaning work provided by the entrusting party, cleaning according to the requirements of consultation with the entrusting party, send professional cleaning personnel to carry out daily cleaning work, the entrusting party according to the agreed service fee paid to cleaning. The operators are paid by the cleaning company and carry out daily management and recruitment work.


2 Daily cleaning classification Daily cleaning according to the nature of customers is divided into family daily cleaning, unit daily cleaning, daily cleaning, residential property daily cleaning, exhibition celebration temporary daily cleaning, etc. according to the form of cleaning staff is divided into fixed daily cleaning, non-fixed daily cleaning, Fixed point daily cleaning refers to the arrangement of cleaning specialist 24/7 long-term contract in the commissioning party to provide cleaning services; Non-fixed daily cleaning refers to the arrangement of cleaning staff in accordance with the client's temporary provision of agreed cleaning services, cleaning can be left after completion.


3 Daily cleaning tools and cleaning agents 1. Daily cleaning tools: multi-functional washing machine, multi-functional dust suction device, feather duster, glass tool set, cleaning bucket, cleaning ball, high-pressure spray bottle, water scraper, water applicator, telescopic rod, marble shovel knife, ladder, cleaning cloth, etc.2. Daily cleaning agent: universal cleaning agent, glass cleaning agent, toilet cleaning agent


4 Daily cleaning process 1, first of all, the house is simply cleaned up, clean up the larger garbage 2, with a feather duster or a multi-functional vacuum cleaner from top to bottom of the comprehensive dust 3, wipe the glass: First remove the stubborn stains on the window frame and glass with the marble spatula knife and cleaning ball, and then spray the glass cleaner solution evenly with the high pressure spray bottle, third, wipe the glass frame with a clean cloth, fourth, use the double-sided glass cleaner to clean the glass, and finally use the glass scraper to dry the water marks on the glass edge. Use a water applicator to apply the prepared all-purpose cleaning solution to the wall tiles and floor, and a moment later, clean the floor with a marble spatula, cleaning ball, and wiper, and finally finish with a dust suction device. 5. Clean the rest of the house with appropriate cleaning tools and cleaning agents


5 Daily cleaning standard glass standards: no water marks, no fingerprints, no stains, bright and clean. Standard of wall tile and floor: wood floor without glue stains, clean; Wall tiles and floor tiles have no dust, no paint spots, no stains.


6 Cleaning tray program According to the actual needs of users, according to the day, week, month, season, year to provide comprehensive cleaning services in the following ways: Plan A, to provide a cleaner, to provide simple tools services including: three bags in front of the door, wipe the table and Windows, dust wipe the floor, pick up garbage, clean the bathroom: Simple cleaning utensils, cleaning agents (excluding garbage bags, toilet paper, soap, toilet balls and other cleaning consumables) for the client once a month for a comprehensive glass, toilet disinfection service, enterprises enjoy other cleaning services are 20% off. Working hours 2~4 hours (excluding holidays) Price: 300-3600 yuan/person/month Plan B, daily fixed cleaning service can also be provided according to the actual situation after the budget, both parties to provide cleaning tools, supplies, medicine, free cleaning of glass, floor, toilet every three months. Responsible for cleaning up the enterprise all day (excluding holidays), 8 hours a day. Services include: all internal cleaning and hygiene work. Provide: multi-function cleaning machine, multi-function washing machine, cleaning supplies, detergent, garbage bags, sanitary balls and other cleaning consumption supplies. The client shall carry out a comprehensive cleaning and sterilization service once a month, and the enterprise shall enjoy a 20% discount on other cleaning services. Sign the contract of cleaning care with the enterprise. Enterprises enjoy other cleaning services can enjoy this 20% discount. To sign a contract with the enterprise, the monthly settlement of the service cost of the price: 3000~3700 yuan/person/month (you can also sign a contract, the general contract price can be agreed upon after the budget bid) Scheme C, to provide cleaning staff for the enterprise in the way of intermediary is to introduce the cooperation between the two sides, the daily work is handled by the user: Door-to-door or consultation, listen to user requirements, quote according to user requirements, about time to interview, sign labor contracts, formal household cooperation, return visits, post guidance, renewal procedures. Monthly salary: 1000~1500 yuan. Plan D, Family nanny service scope (including senior housekeeping) Service content: take care of the elderly, look after children, take care of babies, cleaning, housework, home care and other service personnel are divided into the following levels: 1, a waiter - professional service personnel, monthly salary 7500-10800 yuan 2, two waiters - after pre-job training, Third class attendants -- without pre-job training, monthly salary of 3000-6000 yuan Program E, the scope of hospital escort services for all kinds of patients to provide escorts, according to the workload and skill requirements, according to 8 hours per day pay 200-450 yuan, monthly salary of 5500-8000 yuan. For soldiers and their families, those who are pioneers, special contributors on the front, and outstanding contributors to the country and society (regardless of industry), they can enjoy a 20% preferential policy of this nursing cost.


7 How to do daily bathroom cleaning? The daily bathroom cleaning method is very simple, but we need to do it every day. Many people are not thorough about the cleaning of the bathroom, which is easy to only the growth of bacteria, insects, cockroaches. In order to our health, it is necessary to understand the following methods of daily bathroom cleaning: 1, remove all the garbage, ensure that every sanitary garbage can must be clean and free of debris. At the same time, clean the inside and outside of the ashtray. 2, when cleaning the basin and the table, be sure to wipe with a rag from the inside out, rinse with a rag, and then wipe the inside and outside of the basin. 3, clean the mirror on the table: spray the glass detergent on the glass. Finally wipe it with a dry cloth to make it glow without stains. 4. Clean the toilet. Make it act as a cleaning agent. Use the toilet brush to clean the inside and outside, so that it is non-permeable, no traces, bright and odorless. Make it bright without stains. 5, clean all the copper in the bathroom to make it bright. Copper is easy to rust and corrode in the humid environment of the bathroom, which is also a place for bacteria to breed. So be sure to wipe it clean and keep it dry. 6. Replenish guest supplies, ensure that hand sanitizer and toilet paper are equipped as required. Avoid water stains after washing. 7. Cleaning the floor is crucial. Be sure to use detergent to pay attention to the corners and then wipe the cleaner with a mop, and wipe it several times to make it bright. 8, be sure to ensure that the bathroom has no odor, clean, maintain air circulation, and pour the garbage into the garbage bag to the designated place.


8 Property cleaning tray Meaning ◇ Cleaning tray, more can "highlight the main business" advantage. Have a specialization. Economic globalization requires the whole society to coordinate the division of labor, concentrate on the line, and go all out. Throw "sesame", get "watermelon", the way to development, growth and prosperity. ◇ Cleaning tray, along with the trend should develop. The unit environment is beautiful, the image is reshaped, the social benefits are doubled, the formation of staff satisfaction, unit satisfaction, social satisfaction three lock reaction, benign and sustainable development. ◇ Cleaning tray, save a lot of society. Cleaning services, equipment investment is huge, complex and subtle. Force for it, will be the unit into the mud of disorder, waste, gain is not worth the loss. TPV cleaning and cleaning, set scale advantages, the cleaning fully social configuration and optimization and reorganization.

Matters needing attention

9 Property cleaning care object


Enterprises and institutions unit building, business square building, shopping mall supermarket, school hospital community, office building workshop


Daily cleaning of public places such as wine entertainment places, streets and parks.