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Proposal tips, how to propose to your girlfriend is better?

2018-01-09 00:00:00

Proposal is a very romantic thing, girls hope that their boyfriend will give them a romantic and unforgettable proposal. But many boys want to give their girlfriends a romantic proposal, but how to propose, how to propose, they don't know what to do. If you are also distressed about this matter, then let Xiaobian give you ideas!


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What are the ways of proposing marriage


How to propose


I don't know if you have had such an experience, perhaps two people from childhood may be often do not see each other as the opposite sex, but unconsciously can not do without each other, in this case, in fact, the other party knows it, just need someone to break this layer of window paper. In "I May not love You", Li Da Ren's proposal is the least like a proposal of marriage, which is expected to come naturally, but it is unexpected warm and touching. Accumulated years of feelings once spit out, no earth-shattering sweet words, but also a touching mess.


Create a love video montage of a movie, using a collection of photos of the two of you, a few tourist attraction ticket stubs, a small souvenir of you. These materials can be used to construct a three-stage narrative. Or, buy a picture frame and glue something meaningful into the frame to create a montage for yourself. If you find it difficult, you can ask the relevant person for advice.


Proposal strategy: According to his character and hobbies to propose your girlfriend is what character? If you really want a romantic proposal, remember to be responsible for the arrangement according to the character of your girlfriend, otherwise it is easy to get self-defeating, if your girlfriend is relatively quiet, then you should be low-key when proposing, only need to make the scene warm, in the right time to carry out the true confession, is enough to impress her heart. If your girlfriend is more open and likes challenges, then your proposal should also be innovative, you can carry out a square advertisement and propose to her in the crowd...


There is a kind of person who is not easy to reveal his feelings and is always a careless person in front of you, in fact, he is a very concerned person. They can make you happy regardless of whether you like them or not, and they always surprise you in a different way... In "Love Call Transfer 2", the doctor played by Lin Shen pursues Nie Bing, played by Lin Jiashin, in order to win the hearts and minds of the beautiful, he launched a proposal offensive on Nie Bing's birthday, and arranged an "I" on the lawn in advance


LOVE YOU "look... Of course, the ending of the story is another story, but this is very creative.

Matters needing attention

A proposal is a romantic thing, and I hope you succeed


Don't forget a floral ring when you propose