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Provincial - city tour route tutorial

2018-03-14 16:00:00

The city is located in the central part of the province, with a total area of 7761 square kilometers. North from the provincial capital city 66.8 kilometers, south to Sankong Holy City 74.6 kilometers, so named, the following Xiaobian to recommend you several famous attractions in the city, I hope you like,


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City famous scenic spots


China has the longest history of tourism, because of the magnificent as the first of the five mountains, and has the reputation of "the first in the world". The mountain is magnificent, was regarded by the ancients as "straight to the emperor" paradise, there are more than 20 ancient buildings on the mountain, more than 2,200 stone tablets. It is also the resort of Buddhism and Taoism, and the temples and scenic spots of the two religions are all over the mountain, becoming one of the highlights.


Dai Temple: Located in Tailu, the city, was built in the Qin and Han dynasties, is the ancient emperors worship God, held a sacrifice ceremony, is also a famous Taoist holy place. Dai Temple complex of grand scale, with the Forbidden City, three holes, summer resort, known as China's four ancient architectural groups. Today, the lofty palace is well preserved here, and you can enjoy the huge murals of the Song Dynasty and many ancient inscriptions of the national treasure....


Lake: Go to the lake to play, you can see rapeseed flowers, you can go to the water margin film and television base, you can travel around the island, you can come to a whole fish banquet. The lake scenic spot is a national 4A level scenic spot, with more than 400 places of natural landscape with the lake as the core and cultural landscape represented by the water margin culture.


White Scenic Spot: Located in the north of the county, it is mainly composed of white, park and Holy water Goddess of Mercy sculpture square. There are mainly the first Buddha of Sui Dynasty - Shakyamuni Buddha statue, three religious temple, Daxiong treasure Hall, Bixia yuan Temple, the top of the mountain has the Jade Emperor pavilion, cave, black cloud cave and other attractions. Among them, the statue of Sakyamuni Buddha carved in the seventh year of Emperor Kai in the Sui Dynasty (587) is 7.6 meters high and is known as the "first Buddha of Qilu Sui Dynasty". Hundreds of thousands of people come to visit and pray for blessings every year.


Fonte Happy World: is the fourth generation of large-scale high-tech science fiction theme park. The project integrated the use of acoustic optoelectronic digital technology, automatic control, artificial intelligence and other high-tech means to create a new high-tech park. The novel way of participation, the integration of history and future, the overlap of reality and illusion, brings a new experience of playing, but also shows tourists the Chinese culture including culture, which is a good place for leisure and entertainment and parent-child gatherings.


Baotailong Tourist Area: The products cover five major sectors, including sightseeing and entertainment, leisure and vacation, catering and shopping, cultural experience and characteristic performances. It is a first-class high-end cultural tourism industrial park integrating the elements of food, accommodation, transportation, tourism, shopping and entertainment. At present, it has mainly built the underground Rift Valley sightseeing rafting project, the above-ground wetland landscape, the water ff project, the European wedding theme park on the water and the largest migratory bird release park and other attractions.


Mountain Scenic area: Mountain tourism area is the province's most distinctive religious and cultural tourism area, is the northern Bodhisattva of Avalokitesvara, has the reputation of "Goddess of Avalokitesvara, North", can be called the first in Qilu. The leading culture of mountain Buddhism culture - Guanyin culture, Taoism culture, Confucianism culture, together with the province's religious culture of the Golden Triangle makes the - mountain - line tour to become the best route for religious and cultural tourism in China.


Tianyi Lake Tourism Resort: We are committed to building a first-class tourist resort and constructing a new tourism landscape of "visiting during the day and watching the sky at night". "The long embankment lying in the mountains, surrounded by the mirror, the smoke embraces the green color, the blue water is the best portrayal of Tianyi Lake." Tianyi Lake four seasons scenery, thousands of scenes. In the spring, accompanied by the return of the mountains, the calm lake snowmelt ice disappear, the silent forest restored the song of hundreds of birds, Tianyi Lake began to open a wide and warm embrace for visitors; Summer, lake color, green, forest walk, water side fishing, boating on the lake, beach play, elegant intoxicating...


Niushan National Forest Park: Niushan Mountain, also known as all-Niushan, Yuonion Mountain, is located in the province, 11.5 kilometers away, an area of 3,000 hectares, the main peak Mukeshai 524 meters above sea level, the whole mountain is densely forested, the forest phase is neat, many scenic spots. Overlooking the peaks such as gathering, cliff if screen, close view of green pine overlapping cypress, thin vine climbing ancient trees, a total of more than 700 kinds of plants, zoo more than 150 kinds....

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