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Provincial Tulling town travel guide

2018-03-17 08:00:17

Tuling Town is located in the west of the city, and the three counties, about 50 kilometers away from the city, about 150 kilometers to the north from the provincial city, about 130 kilometers to the south from the city. The town covers a total area of 157 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of 21 administrative villages, 1 community, population of 50,000 people. Bijia Mountain />/> Bijia Mountain is located in the west of Tuling Town, the main peak is more than 750 meters above sea level, because the three peaks on the top of the mountain are connected like a pen rack. Bijia Mountain strange stone facing the wrong, layers of green. Bijia Temple built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, about 1600 years ago, is the oldest temple in the district. Bijia Mountain also has a large subtropical rainforest, beautiful mountains and valleys. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Qiu Erniang raised a righteous flag on the mountaintop to eradicate violence and Anliang. During the Revolutionary War, the Fujian-Zhongnan guerrillas and local people also hid in this mountain forest and fought bloody battles for the revolutionary regime. Fuhu Rock />/>/> Mount Fuhu is 322 meters high, and legend has it that monk Daoyang once subdued a tiger here. There is a huge stone on the mountain, there are four words on the stone, it is one of the four great calligraphers in the Song Dynasty, Taishou CAI Xiang inscribed on the mountain gate. Jinzhongtan - Zhangfoot ancient dwellings - Infinite bridge - Totem Jade Wat stone - Linlling - Red Star Ecological Park - Green Di Villa - Sizhou reservoir - Chentian reservoir - Lingxi reservoir - Yunmen Zen Temple - Yanshan Temple