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Pubg: Exciting battleground mansion villa area card point play.

2018-03-15 22:24:36

Villa is the desert map recognized as one of the best high return area, so the enemy must not be less, want a small villa to show their skills to learn card point is an essential skill, here Xiaobian teach everyone villa card point play method.


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Stimulate the battlefield


Landing point Want to choose a landing point in the villa to kill the quartet will not be killed by the enemy landing first, Xiaobian generally like to land in the garage of the villa (Xiaobian called the garage do not know if it is), there will generally be a gun and the enemy will not generally land here (as shown below).


Card points occupy the second floor of the villa is very important to give us a foothold, want to occupy the second floor of the card stairs is necessary, so we can get stuck in the stairs and corridors between the small wall (as shown below), if the enemy too much can also be transferred to the back of the room can be clearly stuck stairs and corridors.


From the balcony on the second floor, you can see the swimming pool and multiple Windows on the first floor, which can be said to have a broad view from the vantage point.


Of course, if the second floor is occupied by the enemy, do not panic, we can directly stuck in the corridor stairs, if the enemy wants to pick up the corridor supplies can be assassinated and killed, the enemy can not find you (as shown below).


If it is on the first floor then choose Carmen, as long as the door is stuck those wandering enemies can be easily taken down.

Matters needing attention

In the villa need to win in stability, card point play, do not run, do not show footsteps, dominate the mansion.