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qq how to set chat font style

2018-03-04 04:48:00

When we use qq chat, we may often see that different friends use different fonts when chatting, some are very dynamic, some are very simple, it looks very beautiful, then qq how to set the style of chat font, the following article will introduce it.




First of all, open and log in to qq, enter the qq home chat main panel, you can see the friends chat list page, click the top left corner of the profile picture, enter the personal, as shown in the picture.


After entering the personal, you can see a number of options. We choose "personality dress" among them, and you can set some styles when using, as shown in the figure.


After entering the Personality Settings, you can see the "Fonts" in the popular category, which can set the fonts when chatting, as shown in the figure.


After entering the font setting, you can select a font that you are interested in, and then click the following view, you can see the specific style of the font, click the following "immediately set", it can take effect, and chat with friends again you can see your new set of fonts, as shown in the figure.


If you want to see the font styles you already have, you can click "My Fonts" in the top right corner of the Personalization page, as shown in the image.


After going to My Fonts, you can see the default fonts you currently hold and the font effects that have not been turned on, as shown in the figure.


After entering the disabled font view, there are two font effects that can be enabled by member privileges, but only one can be enabled, as shown in the figure.


The above is qq set chat font style method, I hope to help you.