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Quick resolution automatic winding and binding machine configuration

2018-02-18 17:36:00

When customers consult equipment, they often only know that there are 20 machines and how much they cost, but they do not know the configuration used by 20 machines, and they do not know how to distinguish those configurations. Configuration can be used for a few years, but the configuration is not good, then what is the use of preferential treatment? An important point is to believe that the power of the professional brand, how to quickly distinguish the automatic winding machine configuration?


Raw material accessories: imported cylinder, well-known brand motor, PLC, power supply, guide rail, leakage switch......


How to quickly distinguish the configuration of automatic winding and binding machine? Why do customers care so much about configuration? The original equipment is easy to use or not, focus on the quality of the configuration, good configuration unit price is more expensive, many in order to reduce the cost, use other inferior accessories, so now customers are more focused on accessories; So what is the configuration of the automatic winding and binding machine? The configuration of the double winding and tying machine has cylinders, motors, PLC, display screen, power supply, guide rail, leakage switch... With emphasis on cylinders and motors


Different configuration: the main pneumatic parts of the automatic winding and binding machine are imported from Japan. The difference with other cylinders is that the imported cylinder has a buffer function to reduce the reversing impact of the cylinder, as long as the air source is clean, the cylinder is very durable, not easy to damage, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, of course, the price is much higher; Features :1. Small size and light weight 2. Strong lateral load resistance 3. Strong torque resistance 4. High non-rotating accuracy 5. Bearing of guide rod can be selected 6. Plain bearing or ball bearing 7. Easy installation 8. Two side connection position is available


Well-known cylinders are used in the wiring and twisting parts of the automatic wire winding machine. The difference with other cylinders is that the front and back covers of the well-known cylinders are covered with fixed anti-collision pads, which can reduce the reversing impact of the cylinders. The front and back cover and stainless steel body adopt riveted roller package structure, reliable connection; Piston seal adopts shaped bidirectional seal structure, compact size, storage function and stainless steel, high strength, corrosion resistance; Cylinder internal structure and main parts material 1. Nut material: carbon steel 2. Front cover O ring material: NBR3. Material of bushing: wear-resistant material 4. Material of anti-collision gasket: TPU5. Material of piston O ring: NBR6. Material of wear-resistant ring: wear-resistant material 7. Material of magnet: plastic 8. Material of back cover: aluminum alloy 9. Piston rod material: S45 hard chrome plated grinding rod 10. Cylinder material: stainless steel 11. Material of front cover: aluminum alloy


The 1000W servo motor is a high performance motor that can control the speed. The difference with the ordinary motor is its accurate control speed. There is a coil in the machine that collects the speed. The acquisition speed signal is transmitted to the control center, and the central processor is compared with the required speed. The error is converted into a signal and then the motor is controlled. It is often said that the phase-locked loop control, the winding accuracy is higher. The difference between the stepper motor and the ordinary motor is mainly in the form of its pulse drive (the control system sends out a pulse, you can give in to the motor rotation of an Angle), the ordinary motor is generally speed control of the two control methods are not the same. Position control means you can set how many degrees you want your motor to rotate (360 degrees per turn), and speed control means how many revolutions per minute your motor is. This can see that the stepper motor belongs to the low speed, and the ordinary motor belongs to the high speed. Stepper motors can be combined with modern digital control technology (especially suitable for electromechanical integrated products). However, stepper motor in the control accuracy, speed range, low speed performance are not as good as the traditional closed-loop control DC servo motor. The stepper motor can be used in situations where the accuracy is not particularly high, and the stepper motor can play its simple structure, high reliability and low cost characteristics. When used properly, it can even be comparable to DC servo motor performance.


The automatic winding and binding machine is cost-effective: compared with manual winding and binding, its efficiency is increased by 3-5 times, the equipment winding and binding speed is equivalent to the workload of 3 to 5 people, greatly reducing the labor cost, the equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain, easy to debug, practical and stable; The automatic winding and tying machine is controlled by the program, which can be designed and modified simply, such as the number of winding coils, the length of tying wires, the number of tying coils, the target output, the time of tying wires, and the time of taking wires, etc. In the production process, the equipment automatically counts the product output. The machine adopts PLC programming control, man-machine interface control, can set cruise mode, only need to press the switch once can have uninterrupted operation, get rid of the disadvantages of pressing the switch once every operation. Compared with similar equipment, price competitiveness, excellent equipment quality, stable product performance, perfect after-sales service, is the best candidate for your enterprise to create unlimited value;

Matters needing attention

When distinguishing the configuration of the winding machine, it is recommended to go home and see that you will understand more accessories and distinguish those better