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Quiz: Do you suffer from an obsession with staying up late?

2018-03-17 20:48:10

Take a look at the following list. If you answer YES more than NO, then you have an obsession with late sleeping. If 90% of the answers are YES, then your obsession with late sleeping is very serious! Be careful! Please take timely treatment measures so as not to delay the condition.


1: Every day is very hard. Whether it's school or work. In short, the busy life during the day almost leaves you no time to do your own things. There is no time for recreation and rest.


2: Sitting in front of a bus, subway or desk or even a classroom desk, the feeling that you can fall asleep as soon as you close your eyes is always around you.


3: The eyes are always bloodshot, red, or dark circles are obvious. Yawn from time to time.


You need to drink something like coffee regularly during the day. Or smoke a cigarette.


After returning home at night, the feeling of sleepiness turned into excitement, and began to surf the Internet, or watch novels and movies. And I can't help it. When you play games, you always think that the next game is the last game! Or watch an animation and think, "Go to sleep after that!" And I broke my word every time.


After going home, especially before going to bed, and even when lying in bed, I will toss and turn, thinking that [there are many things to do, it is a pity to sleep] or [it is too early to sleep, it is a waste of time, it is better to do something first] and so on.


I go to bed very late every night. The most basic is to sleep after 2 or 3 o 'clock. I woke up regretting that I had stayed up all night. But I still stayed up until midnight.


I think I have a very clear mind late at night, especially around 3 o 'clock, and I can do anything to [explode].


Often sleep in the morning occasionally one day early lying in bed will be confused can not sleep. And then I can't resist the urge to do whatever I want.


Many things can be done during the day. But they prefer to stay until midnight to do it, because they think that there are daytime jobs and things during the day, and night is the time to do them

Matters needing attention

Everyone often has panic after the occurrence of disease, and finally experts here remind you that: once the symptoms of disease should be timely to the professional hospital for examination and treatment.