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Rapid electric instrument master - integrated phase shifter operation method

2018-04-08 19:12:35

HTYX-III integrated phase shifter is a new generation of portable electrical instruments composed of transformer phase shifter, digital phase display instrument, voltage and current digital display meter, output voltage regulation, phase shift fine adjustment and power supply and other units. This product combines transformer phase shift technology with digital measurement technology organically, with high precision phase shift adjustment, accurate and intuitive reading, and adjustable voltage output. The machine structure is solid and reliable, fully sealed, easy to carry, easy to use in the field and on site. Here is how to operate the HTYX-III integrated phase shifter.


1, 1 instrument host 2, 1 power cord 3, 1 socket


The phase shifter is designed and manufactured by adopting the principle of transformer phase shifter. Its basic working principle is as follows:


Phase shifter panel diagram and description Panel: A1, phase shift display head, four digits display 00 ~ 3600 phase Angle. A2, output V phase load current display head, 3 and a half digit display. A3, output between U, W voltage display head, 3 and a half digit display. A4, phase shift coarse adjustment knob, rotate phase transfer according to the surface pole scale. A5, phase meter head reset key. Press this key to display the phase shift Angle. A6, phase meter head latch key. When the phase shift Angle does not need to change, press this key to lock the number of the watch head. A7, power switch, this key can cut off or switch on the internal power supply of the whole machine. A8, the output function select switch, switch to the voltage output, the output three-phase voltage U, V, W corresponding to the input A, B, C power supply phase shift; The switch toggle current output can output AC0 ~ 20A current, corresponding to the B phase input phase shift. A9, phase shift fine tone select button, according to the mark can choose -30 ~ 180,120 ~ 330 fine tone range. A10, output voltage adjustment knob, output U, V, W three-phase synchronous adjustment from this knob, where the voltage between U and W is displayed by the meter head 0V ~ 380V. A11, phase shift fine adjustment knob, this knob with A9 can achieve 30º phase shift adjustment. B1, input three-phase four-wire terminal. B2, shell grounding column. B3, F1, F2 and F3 are safety seats corresponding to input C, B and A phases respectively. B4, output three-phase four-wire terminal. B5, F4, F5, F6 are safety seats corresponding to the three phases of output W, V, and U respectively. B6, current output terminal


Usage Method 1) Check whether the insurance of panel B3 and B5 is in good condition. 2) Turn off the power switch A7, adjust the voltage regulation knob A10 to the lowest position, and then connect the panel B1 three-phase four-wire A, B, C, O input power. 3) Connect panel B3 voltage output U, V, W, N required to add load, but the load power should not exceed the maximum output power of the machine. 4) Close the external knife, turn on the power switch A7, A1, A2, A3 three watch heads should also be lit. 5) After energizing for about half a minute, adjust the voltage output knob A10 to the required value, and the three-phase phase shift voltage output U, V, W, N, where the voltage between U and W is displayed by the A3 meter head, and the V phase load current is displayed by the A2 meter head. 6) Adjust the coarse phase shift knob A4 to the approximate level of the required phase shift Angle, and then adjust the fine phase shift knob A11 with the fine selection switch A9 (the switch is turned upward, the fine phase shift knob A11 is adjusted clockwise 1 turn of phase shift 150, the switch is turned downward, the fine phase shift knob A11 is adjusted counterclockwise 1 turn of phase shift 150), After adjusting the phase shift coarse adjustment knob A4, turn the fine adjustment selector switch A9 upward, and the phase shift fine adjustment knob A11 clockwise adjust the phase meter head to show phase increase. Each phase shift coarse adjustment, can achieve the range of 00~300 phase shift continuous fine adjustment, which can be reset button A5, from the A1 watch head to display the phase shift Angle, when adjusted to the required phase shift Angle can be unlocked by the lock A6, when the need to re-display the phase shift Angle, press the reset button A5 can be.

Matters needing attention

1, the output N point of the machine is not allowed to be connected with the input neutral line. 2, the use of the machine to maintain a strong state, must pay attention to safety, housing grounding column must be grounded. 3, the fuse used by the machine is 5A, as short circuit and overload protection, must meet the requirements when used. 4, when the environmental interference is large, such as let the phase shifter no output and A2, A3 table head is not 0, write down this number, subtract this value in the test result. 5, turn on the power switch, if there is no display, should immediately power off, please check whether the input insurance is intact, and then check whether the external input three-phase four wire is connected, if there is no display, please contact this. 6, the product warranty period is one year, during the warranty period, quality, technical problems, free repair, user careless operation caused damage, to provide preferential services.