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Recommend some novels that I think are good

2018-03-12 20:48:55

I have been reading some novels continuously from college to work, and I have read a lot of novels, and I have read all kinds of novels. Some novels read a few eyes just like grasping to read on, and some just don't see, here are the novels that I think are good.


The first book: "Ghost doctor County Princess" author: Wu Xiaoxiao. This is a time travel novel about a strong woman, and as the story goes on, the identity is revealed, and the number of suitors increases. Tells the male master step by step into the female heart.


The second book: "The Divine doctor of Di Huang abandoned Concubine" author: A CAI. The main character is Feng Qingchen. She has an invisible button on her arm that allows her to take out the medicine cabinet, and talks about using her medical skills to rule the world.


The third book: "Wrong: for marriage abandoned Concubine" author: A CAI. The characters in the novel are vividly depicted and the plot is well written.


The fourth book: "Fighting to break the sky". It tells the story of a boy genius turned into a waste, and in a moment of despair, the ghost that emerges from the ring brings him a new world, and gradually rises to the top of the story.


The fifth book: "Jade Dynasty". It tells the story of an ordinary teenager named Zhang Xiaofan who saves people all over the world with his burning stick.


The sixth book: "Young City Marshal". It tells some strange stories about Chu Liuxiang's time travel to modern times.