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Registration process and required information

2018-03-15 00:00:00

The process required for registration: name verification -- opening a capital verification account -- entering registered funds -- accountant verification report -- Paying business license for industry and commerce -- stamping -- Applying for code certificate -- applying for tax registration certificate -- Opening a basic account -- Tax classification approval -- buying tax control machine -- handling tax collector's card -- buying invoice -- starting business. Specific method: name check name. 1. Multiple names are required for query. 2, before the name query, it is necessary to determine the registered capital, the name of the shareholder and the proportion of investment, and the scope of business. 3. Name search materials: original shareholder identity certificate, the "Application for Pre-approval of Enterprise Name" signed by the shareholder, the identity certificate of the entrusted agent. 4, limited name approval time: need five working days, other provinces and cities need one working day. 5. Limited name validity period: After obtaining the "Name Pre-approval Notice", the validity period of the name is half a year; If there is no business registration within half a year, the name can be extended, which can be another half a year. Account opening verification. 1, open a limited temporary capital verification account: after the name is approved, you can temporarily verify the capital account. The shareholders shall transfer the registered capital into the provisional capital verification account in the form of cash or transfer in proportion to their contribution. 2. Capital verification by accounting firms: Accounting firms shall issue capital verification reports according to the information provided by banks on the entry of shareholder funds and registration. Handle business registration. 1. Materials required for business registration: shareholder identification, articles of association, capital verification report, Notice of Pre-approval of Enterprise Name, resolution of shareholders' meeting, proof of residence, etc. 2. Time required for business registration :5 working days. 3. Fees for business registration: Notice fee 320 yuan, business license cost 110 yuan, business registration fee to eight thousand of the registered capital. Carve a stamp. After the business license is issued by the Industry and Commerce Bureau, an official seal, a legal person seal and a financial seal may be engraved. Registration of organization code. 1. Required materials: copy of business license, copy of identity certificate of legal representative, official seal. 2, the required time :1-5 working days, different places to handle the organization code time. 3. Required fee :148 RMB. Go through tax registration. 1. Required materials: business license, copy of organization code certificate, official seal, residence certificate, accountant identity certificate, legal representative identity certificate, etc. 2. Time required: 10-15 working days for tax registration; It will take 2-3 working days for tax registration in other provinces and cities.