I love dancing in the rain.

In my thoughts I sing in the voice of Shakira.

Dream about the best – then it will come true!

I am not ideal, but my dog ​​has a different opinion.

I love to travel.

To live is to constantly step out of your comfort zone.

I’m not proud. We, the princes, are simple people.

I love to smile – this is the easiest way to show my contentment with life.

I adore three people in this life: myself, me … well, also that brilliant beauty in the mirror.

I have an undeniable advantage – I never create problems for anyone.

Looking for a bad girl? I admit I’m bad at everything.

Guys, if you are devouring me with your eyes, I’ll ask you one thing: try not to slurp at least.

Do not hang me on the ears even at the stage of dating. And then I’ll hang it on your horns …

I’m looking for a simple guy, not a prince. With my sciatica, it will not work out to constantly bend under the person of royal blood!

Our me? Now try to hide …



According to the luminaries of psychology, the prerequisites for a jealous attitude towards a partner arise in girls at a very young age. Parents should definitely pay attention to their relationships, as they leave a clear imprint on young children’s minds. Very often, a child…