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Relieve shoulder, neck and back discomfort, practical family massage tips

2018-03-24 11:12:59

The aging of the human body begins at the shoulder and neck. The shoulder and neck are the places where toxins are most likely to accumulate, which is the key to disease. All diseases flow in the blood, the cause of all diseases due to qi, Chinese medicine: insufficient blood is not smooth, blood is not flowing, water is not flowing poison is not drained. Many people who sit for a long time have shoulder and neck pain. During the day, facing the computer to rush to work, going home to watch TV and DVDS, even on the way to and from work, either standing on the bus to make up for sleep, or bending to drive, cervical discomfort is increasing. Shoulder and neck problems are really a major problem that can not be ignored to endanger people's health, so what are the reasons that can lead to shoulder and neck problems?


A small round stool

Firstly, several common massage techniques are introduced

1, holding method: with one or two hands to hold the skin, muscle or fascia, pinch up, and then put down. 2, press method: rhythmically press on the skin or acupoints with fingers or palms. 3, point method: use a single finger to vigorously point acupoints. 4. Kneading method: Use fingers or palms to press and rotate on the skin or acupoints. 5, tapping method: use the palm or fist to knock the body. 6, pinch method: In the appropriate part, use the fingers to pinch the skin and muscle from the bone surface. 7, plucking method: deep press the thumb on the treatment site, do such as plucking strings like back and forth plucking it is recommended to use the method when massaging. Secondly, press method, point method, kneading method, plucking method and so on.


The toxin accumulation in the shoulder and neck will compress the blood after the shoulder and neck, so that the blood can not be well delivered to the head and face, it will cause head dizziness, headache, insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, easy fatigue, sleep quality decline, memory loss, but also cause facial yellowing, dark, long spots, skin aging and so on

Shoulder and neck massage

Procedure: The patient to be operated is seated with the operator standing on the rear side. 1, take the wind pool (wind pool: located in the nymphal part, when the occipital bone, and Fengfu point is flat, between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the upper end of the trapezius muscle.) Separate the thumb index finger with the right hand, align it with the Fengchi point, pinch the skin behind the neck, lift it up and out, do a rhythm of alternating and continuous pinching, move slowly down along the neck muscles, and then change the left hand to pinch the Fengchi. The Fengchi point can also be pressed with the pressure method, that is, with the thumb and index finger. Pinch the wind pool, can make people clear head.


2, shoulder well (shoulder well point: the midpoint of the line between Dazhui point and acromion, the highest point of the shoulder.) With the thumb and the food, the middle finger relative force, pick up the tendon at the shoulder well point, lift and pinch upward, gradually relax, quickly repeat the operation. Both hands can be simultaneously or alternately lifted for 1 minute. You can also do percussion in the shoulder well, and properly tap at the acupoints. The strength should be even, and the degree should be expanded by the operator.


3, according to the Tianzong (Tianzong point: located in the central depression of the inferior gangway of the scapula, about the upper 1/3 fold point between the lower margin of the gangway of the scapula and the inferior Angle of the scapula), put the hands on the outside side at the same time, and press the Tianzong point with the finger surface of the thumb from outside to inside. Tianzong point can be appropriately used to pick the method, with the thumb in the Tianzong point back and forth. Take the shoulder well, push the Tianzong point can relax the tendons and activate the collaterals, so that the shoulder and neck relax.


4, dial Quchi, hand Sanli (Quchi point: located at the lateral end of the elbow stripes, bend the elbow, when chizze point and humerus external epicondyle line midpoint. Hand Sanli point: located on the back side of the forearm, on the line between Yangxi point and Quchi point, 2 inches below the elbow line) For patients with hand anesthesia and hand acid, you can use your thumb to point Quchi point and hand Sanli point. Or use the plucking method, from the inside out several times. Make local acupoint acid, distension, pain is appropriate.


5, point knead great Ling (Great Ling point: located in the human body at the midpoint of the carpal palm stripes, when the palm tendon and the radial wrist flexor tendon) white-collar workers often appear mouse hand symptoms, the thumb finger surface according to the wrist joint inside the wrist stripes in the middle point of great Ling point, the other four fingers according to the wrist joint outside, symmetrical force with the thumb, do a little knead for 1-2 minutes. Completing such a set of shoulder and neck massage takes about 5 minutes.

Ten kinds of patients should not do massage

1. Patients with acute spinal injury with myelitis symptoms whose diagnosis is not yet clear; 2. Patients with acute soft tissue injury and severe local swelling (acute foot sprain); 3. Patients with suspected or definite diagnosis of bone, joint or soft tissue tumors; 4, bone and joint tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, senile osteoporosis and other bone disease patients; 5, have serious heart, brain, lung disease patients; 6. Patients with blood diseases with bleeding tendency; 7. Patients with local skin damage or skin diseases; 8. Pregnant women who are more than 3 months pregnant; 9. Patients with mental illness who cannot cooperate with doctors; 10. Patients with various elbow joint diseases and lumbar disc herniation in the acute phase. In addition, massage should not be full, it is better to carry out 30 minutes after a meal.

Matters needing attention

Massage in addition to the mind should be concentrated, especially calm, the whole body should not be tense, requiring both body and mind to relax. Master the commonly used acupoint selection methods and operation techniques, in order to select points accurately, correct techniques. Because it is too small, it can not stimulate the effect it should have, and it is easy to cause fatigue and damage the skin. The number of massage techniques should be from less to more, the strength of massage is gradually increased from light, and the acupoints of massage can be gradually increased.


Any discomfort at home can be relieved by acupressure. When performing acupressure, be sure to follow the principles of acupressure to avoid wrong practices. If the patient is seriously ill, should seek medical attention in time, do not treat yourself, so as not to delay the condition by incorrect method.


The above is not regarded as massage is the best treatment, before the massage must consult the relevant people can continue, in order to cause unnecessary consequences, as far as possible to a professional hospital