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Rise to Fame: The Music RPG review

2018-02-20 09:36:00

"Rise to Fame:The Music RPG" tells the story of four young people who form a new band to play around the world, through continuous efforts to win recognition and love, and eventually become a popular rock band. The game did not follow the trend of the general music game route, but with RPG elements and gameplay to bring players a completely different experience, feel the big star before the fame of those honed and accumulated. The impression of rock music is always dressed in a strange coat, so that you are difficult to approach, but when you really enter the world, you will understand that they are in fact unique and precious. Rise to Fame is the same, just entering the game will feel a strong rebellious atmosphere, several protagonists dress up one is more than the mainstream, dazzling color matching, thick and heavy color picture shaping, exaggerated role modeling, including the background music in the general cathartic electric guitar sound, are very outgoing to tell you that this game has its own personality. Enter the main menu, at first many options are gray, if you are not in a hurry, you can enter How To Play to see the explanation of the game method, although there are a lot of long pages of text, but the basic operation of some performances is still relatively simple, and the RPG part is also quite rich and substantial, the following is divided into two divided into everyone: the band members have a total of four, respectively, blue flowing long hair guitarist, yellow hair tall lead singer, fat drummer with a beard As well as Uh, this bass player has the perfect hair and lips. In addition to being very individual, they each have their own skills, which play a different role in the band: the gorgeous technique of the guitarist can greatly improve the audience satisfaction, but it is also very demanding; The skills of the lead singer belong to the explosive type, which can mobilize the audience's emotions at once, but also make the audience drop money and fame; The drummer can observe some troublemakers in the audience, and immediately use the instrument to stop them, but also have a dazzling skill to drive the mood of the whole audience; The bass player's skills are mostly encouraging and restorative to the band members.