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Road walking street, the Bund, City God Temple one day tour guide

2018-03-29 12:48:07

In this article, I will introduce the Road Walking street, the Bund, City God Temple one day tour strategy, within a day these several places can play!


I mainly introduce the afternoon to the evening of the road pedestrian street, the Bund, City God Temple how to play, this is the best time to play several places subway line 8, line 1, line 2 can be in the People's Square station down, 5, 6, 19 exit directly under the channel to reach. We started from the Road Walking Street at 2pm, and we walked along the Road Walking Street, which took about 45 minutes to complete.


Road walking street out continue to walk along the East Road about 15 minutes to the Bund, we first walk from the left side of the Bund, to see the Waibaidu Bridge, Monument to the People's heroes, and then walk back in the direction of the 16 Pu Pier, this about 1 and a half hours can be completed.


To the sixteen shops we crossed the road, in the road there is a park [park], did not do homework tourists generally will not know, we play in the park, take a rest, [about half an hour], the park is very small, in fact, is a green space for tourists to rest, but played an important role in connecting the Bund and City God Temple!


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Matters needing attention

The Bund landscape lights are on at 7 p.m


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