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Rolex teaches you watch daily maintenance knowledge

2018-03-30 16:00:02

The case or strap is like personal clothing, direct contact with the human body, such as those without traces of dust, it is easy to dirty clothes cuffs, but also easy to lead to skin itching, skin allergies, because this needs constant cleaning. When you do not wear a watch, with soft and cloth gently wipe the watch body, watch band and buckle, etc., can extend the life of the watch. The place where the watch is placed should be dry, do not easily open the back cover of the watch, and do not fiddle with the parts in the watch to avoid damage.


Because the temperature below -10 ° C or higher than 60 ° C will reduce the normal performance of the watch, and even the phenomenon of stopping and going, and local things and materials may affect the function or quality of the watch, so prevent it from being placed in the following places. Avoid placing near things with strong magnetic waves, such as televisions, audio, magnetic necklaces, etc. Do not place near drugs that emit gas or evaporate easily. Also try not to put in the air humid environment.


Maintenance of quartz watch


Quartz watches in order to drive the pointer, think it is appropriate to use the beating form, using the special nature of the magnet to make it rotate. Because of this, he is more susceptible to external magnetic fields. Manual watches do not use electric motors, so they are not affected by magnetic waves. When there is no way to normally reveal the time due to the influence of magnetic waves, it will not affect the clock's machinery itself, as long as it is away from the magnetic wave, it can resume normal action, as long as the new debugging time is available. Therefore, when using quartz watches, try to avoid using them in places with large magnetic fields.


Please note the following list of things that produce magnetic waves


Ac magnetic field: It is a factor that causes speed and slow down, such as electric blankets, mixers, electric sparrow (mahjong) tables, induction stoves, etc.


Direct magnetic boundary: This is the cause of rest, slow down factors, such as magnetic health equipment, headphones, audio speakers, refrigerator magnetic door, etc.


Mechanical watch maintenance


Mechanical watches are operated by the help of gears and spring, and friction occurs between them when they are rotated. Therefore, it is necessary to add lubricating oil for a long time to reduce friction. Propose to do a cleaning every three years, protection and recuperation. The cleaning in the table must be handed over to professional personnel to deal with.


But usually external cleaning, you can brush the watch band with a soft brush and cleaning liquid, and finally wash it. Mechanical watches are divided into semi-automatic and manual watches, semi-automatic watches must be suitable for the appropriate amount of exercise, it is proposed to wear 10 hours or more a day.


Strap maintenance


Leather strap: as far as possible do not come into contact with water, animal leather strap compared with metal strap, sweat and nutrients on animal leather strap damage to the degree will be relatively large, so when not carefully wet, please try to speed up the use of water absorption strong soft cloth to dry it.


Keep the watch in a dry place when not wearing it. Easy to sweat in the season, you can adjust the strap or try not to wear, increase breathability. The looseness of about a finger is ideal. Because the watch band exposed to the sun for a long time is easy to change color, please try to prevent long-term placement in the car.


Metal strap: If the metal strap is stained with sweat, it is easy to cause the strap to rust, sweat, the strap may look neat, but it is still easy to ooze the metal rust on the strap, and even dirty sleeves. Please clean the stained metal watch band with alkali. When the stain is quite serious, gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. After cleaning, in order to prevent nutrients from remaining in the fine seam of the watch band, please wipe it carefully with a dry cloth. Do not use gloss remover, diluent or pharmaceutical agent when recuperating. In addition, after the watch on the seafarer's wrist is used in the sea water, do not use chemicals to clean it. With a clockwork watch, the variable part is easy to hoard stains, so that the rotating shaft is getting tighter, at this time, please clean the rotating shaft.