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Rolex watch watch glass appears fog how to do?

2018-03-30 04:48:08

Rolex watches in the daily wearing process, sometimes we inadvertently find that Rolex watch glass inexplicably appear fog, but do not know what is going on, do not know what to do. So, what should Rolex watch glass fog do?


The main reasons for the fog in the glass of the Rolex watch are: the temperature difference between the Rolex watch and the outside world is relatively large, the air humidity in the Rolex watch is relatively large, the Rolex watch water, etc. Therefore, the fog in the glass of the Rolex watch does not mean water.


First, if the Rolex watch glass fog, and the scope of the watch glass is very small, the fog disappeared after a while, this situation do not panic. This is because the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the Rolex watch glass is large, and when the water molecules in the air in the case move to the glass surface, the water molecules will condense in the form of tiny particles, which is a very common physical phenomenon and has little impact on the Rolex watch.


Second, if the Rolex watch into a small amount of water or into the more humid air, when the temperature difference is relatively large environment, Rolex watch glass will form fog; But if the fog condenses into visible droplets or the area is relatively large, and has been covered with the entire glass, it can be concluded that the Rolex watch is in the water, and this time must be dealt with.


Third, Rolex watch glass fog or water, can not be completely solved by direct heating and baking, although the fog will temporarily disappear after heating the Rolex watch, in fact, the water vapor is not completely eliminated, may water vapor will run to the back cover of the watch or inside the movement.


Fourth, to completely solve the problem of Rolex watch glass fog, you need to open the back cover of the Rolex watch, dry the movement and the case thoroughly, and then replace the waterproof sealing ring or reapply silicone oil to the sealing ring to avoid fogging or water again. END

Matters needing attention

Daily wear of the watch we should cherish it, should also do regular maintenance for the watch, so that the watch can stay around for a long time. If your watch needs maintenance, please look for professional after-sales maintenance, professional technicians for your love watch test maintenance.