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Rone Valley wine and food pairing

2018-03-15 06:24:49

This experience shares with you the pairing of wine and food in the Rhone Valley:

Food ingredient

One main meal


A bottle of wine


Black Pepper Beef Black Pepper beef is a famous Cantonese dish made from beef tenderloin that has been marinated in wine. The meat is soft, juicy, salty and seasoned with freshly ground black pepper. The alluring spicy smell makes the index finger move. Recommended wine: Croz-Emitage Red wine made from Syrah is delicious, well-balanced and rich, perfect for beef. The raspberry aroma of the young wine will transition to bronze and animal notes over time. The wine leaves a lasting tannic taste in the mouth. Croz-emitage red wines enhance the delicate taste of the beef with black pepper.


Recommended dish: Braised mutton Braised mutton is a classic Anhui dish. This traditional dish has been around since the Song Dynasty and is now served in restaurants. The lamb is simmered in a tangy amber sauce made from spices such as cinnamon or fennel. This hot dish is rich in flavor and will help you cope with the cold weather at the end of winter. Recommended wine: St. Joseph's Red Wine A St. Joseph's red wine will go well with braised lamb. The red wine of Saint Joseph is made from syrah, with a beautiful rich purple skirt. The local climate gives the grapes an amazing ripeness and a transition from red fruit to black fruit such as mulberries or blueberries. Tannins are delicate and harmonious, soft in the mouth.


Recommended dish: Ancient Meat Ancient Meat This dish needs no introduction. A classic of Cantonese cuisine, it combines tender slices of pork with melt-in-your-mouth chunks of pineapple in a sweet and sour sauce. Rich taste, sweet and sour, pleasant fruit, you just need to enjoy! Recommended wine: Beaumes-de-Venise Red wine The Beaumes-de-Venise red wine is crisp, deep and fruity. The red wines here have elegant and beautiful dark skirts, from cherry red to purple. They are mainly made from Grenache and the fruit is very ripe, so it is full of spicy aromas of red fruit and black fruit. Bohm de Vonis red wine is extremely elegant, suitable for meat cooked in sauce, old meat.