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Roulette division betting method

2018-04-09 06:24:15

There are many ways to place a division bet, the following is the division method, and how to place a division bet. The roulette wheel is divided into two sections and six sections. What's the difference between each method


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How to place roulette bets

1, how to partition the roulette 0 zone - the numbers 0 and 00; Zone 1 - numbers 1 to 6; Zone 2 - numbers 7 to 12; Zone 3: Numbers 13 to 18; Zone 4: Numbers 19 to 24; Zone 5: Numbers 25 to 30; Zone 6: Numbers 31 to 36. In a nutshell, that's Zone 0 and 6 "six-number combination bets" zones. Areas 0, 2, and 5 are not only consecutive pieces in the betting area, but also two consecutive pieces on the roulette wheel: that is, a string of 6 digits near the right of 0 and 00 (excluding 0 and 00). Therefore, the whole roulette can be divided into two blocks: 0, 2, 5; Zones 1, 3, 4, 6. You look closely at the situation on a few tables: if someone is betting heavily on districts 1, 3, 4, 6, and the balls often fall into districts 0, 2, and 5, this is basically a sign that the dealer is very experienced (because he can put the balls into districts 0, 2, and 5, which are in two consecutive pieces on the roulette wheel, thus avoiding the numbers chosen by the big players).


2, Roulette two-stage partition method is divided into three areas, we all know that the two-stage partition method is in accordance with the order of each bet two areas, and the two-stage partition method is a simple and practical playing method in the roulette, the need for opportunities to shoot, if you can find the timing, the win rate is very high. The specific playing method is as follows: the first bet 1 zone, 2 zone, the second bet 1 zone, 3 zone, the third bet 2 zone, 3 zone, and the fourth return to bet 1 zone, 2 zone... This is a constant cycle of bets. As for betting, you can use: if you hit the bet, you can bet on the margin, or if you pass the three levels, you can get 1.25 base code for margin profit, and 2.375 base code for margin profit. If the use of more than three levels can be more profitable, but in the three levels is the most stable, can reduce the risk, and profit is also within a certain range. 1, 2, and 3 represent the three zones, or three lines, which have the same effect and feel more accurate than the three lines. When the card type appears 1212, or 1313, or 2323, there are many combinations of the three district cards, which are applicable to 2121, 3131, 3232. Use 1, 3, 9 cable method to make two sections. If 1212 appears, use 1 yard to play zone 2 and 3. If you continue to lose 2 yards out of zone 1, use 3 yards to play zone 1 and 3. The dead end of this method is 12121212. If you want to be more secure, you can wait until 12121, and chase three times. A loss may result in a loss of 26 base codes, but success generally exceeds this number. The advantage of this partition is that the cable break rate is very low, and the disadvantage is that it is more restrictive and requires a lot of time and effort to wait for opportunities. According to the calculation of 6 tables in the real casino, the average of 1212 cards appearing in an hour is about 5 times.


3, Roulette six points zoning method (three areas of play) Roulette six points zoning method is also called roulette three areas of play, in the roulette six points in the probability of the largest, in addition, even if we use six points of the bet we had better also cooperate with the zoning method. That's six points in a block. In the general European roulette, there are a total of 35 points, we must not exceed these points when we play. If 2 uses the six-point method, it must have no more than three partitions. Three is 18 points, which is half of the whole European roulette. And the distribution of this number of areas also needs our attention, that is, the so-called area must present a symmetrical distribution on the wheel, whether it is axisymmetric or distant symmetry. The six-point method is actually a combination of intensive and decentralized methods. We use an intensive approach at the micro level and a decentralized approach at the macro level to improve your winning rate.

Matters needing attention

After dividing the area first, determine your own method and then play, so as to maintain the coherence of the entire environment