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Round neck short sleeve custom T-shirt size table

2018-02-22 11:12:00

Round neck short-sleeved T-shirt, generally can not be a general single product, said that it is generally an indispensable fashion item, but also a spring and summer season everyone must have a single product. A short-sleeved T-shirt with a crew neck can create a different personality because it is the most vivid single item in the fashion circle. If you want to choose a suitable short-sleeved T-shirt, you should first know the short-sleeved T-shirt scale table. Today, Yadir will introduce some knowledge about the short-sleeved T-shirt scale table to the GGMM. Round neck short sleeve T-shirt measuring method: (tolerance of about 1 cm) Body length: the same length before and after the stripes; The back of the male is slightly longer than the front, and the female is the same long chest circumference: underarm 1cm shoulder width: flat short-sleeve T-shirt between the left and right shoulder ends Description * Height and weight are not necessarily related to the standard, 165cm strong and 180cm thin and tall men may wear the same standard. * Chest size is a key factor affecting the selection of standards, it is recommended that you refer to the chest size to make a choice. * If you belong to a body type with broad shoulders, it is recommended that you refer to the chest size and then compare the shoulder width data. Men's round neck short sleeve T-shirt scale table