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Sailor Moon water ice moon stick figure

2018-03-29 17:36:10

Below is a stick figure of a cartoon character, Shuibing Moon, which is familiar to the post-80s generation.


The computer,


The first step, you also need to spend a lot of places, so we need to draw a lot of lines in each step, the first step, we first draw the entire face outline, including the eyes, nose, ears are drawn.


Step two, no, we're gonna take the whole hair on the top of her head and the gels, and the necklace on his forehead,


Step 3, the water moon's hair has a feature, that is, there are two special long streamers, we draw it, and the posture of his two arms are also drawn.


Step 4, in this step, we mainly draw her skirt, and the level in the cartoon has always been wearing a miniskirt.


Step 5, we slide out these two legs and the shoes she's wearing, which are basically rectangular strips, very simple,


Step 6, finally we add color, this hair is all yellow, then red boots, and red bows, the rest of it is shown here,

Matters needing attention

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