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Sauna health care essence sharing

2018-03-24 04:48:38

Sauna bathing is loved by the people and is a major feature. Korean sweat steaming is to warm yellow mud and various stones, people or sit or lie down, used to drive the wind, cold, warm the body and blood, warm skin beautiful, ancient only noble or royal privilege to enjoy, cultural origin is deep. With the popularity of culture, sweat steaming also follows, clothing, makeup, beauty technology into China and in just a few years has been rapidly recognized and accepted by the Chinese people, and gradually become a popular and sought after way of leisure health.


Traditional sauna refers to in a special wooden room, in the hot oven barbecue unique rocks, so that the temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius, and then pour a small amount of water on the rock to produce impact steam, this way is called dry steam bath. Sauna can speed up the blood circulation, so that all parts of the body muscles are completely relaxed, to eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, refresh the purpose. At the same time, it has a certain effect on rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenia and so on. In addition, the traditional sauna, with its inherent health benefits, is also a high-level enjoyment and leisure for the overworked.


Sauna in the high temperature environment can make the skin deep produce internal heat effect, the whole body capillary blood is expanded, the body sweat much more than the usual general activities, this free sweat is conducive to the discharge of all kinds of garbage in the body, but also conducive to the elimination of disease. At the same time, due to the body's repeated cold and hot dry steaming and washing, the blood is constantly contracting and expanding, which is called blood gymnastics in exercise physiology, which can enhance blood elasticity and prevent blood sclerosis.


Sauna is a special method of bathing, both cleaning the skin and treating diseases. It relieves pain and relaxes joints by alternating hot and cold several times in succession. For the skin, due to the obvious expansion of skin blood during the steam bath, a lot of sweating, blood circulation is improved, sweat excretion helps to eliminate waste in the body, so that various tissues in the skin get more nutrition, and many skin diseases such as ichthyosis, silver chip pain, skin pruritus, etc., have varying degrees of therapeutic effect.


Sauna bathing is a fashionable and healthy way of leisure, after sweating the whole body to relax fatigue, so many people who are nervous about work quite good this way. However, medical experts say that frequent use of saunas may be the cause of male infertility. In Finland, the birthplace of the sauna, the incidence of male infertility is quite high, which is not unrelated to the local love of sauna. The temperature of the testicles is generally 3-4 degrees lower than the human body temperature, so as to produce normal sperm, sperm temperature requirements are more strict, must be below body temperature to develop normally, and the temperature of the sauna is much higher than body temperature, which is not conducive to sperm growth, or cause sperm motility to decline too much resulting in infertility. Clinical statistics show that a considerable part of male infertility is caused by higher than normal testicular temperature.


Of course, this is not to say that you should never take a sauna, and it is OK to do so occasionally. If you have a child, you can enjoy it. Sauna still has a certain health care effect on the human body: it can speed up blood circulation, so that all parts of the body muscles are completely relaxed, to eliminate fatigue and rejuvenate the purpose. At the same time, due to repeated cold and hot dry steaming and washing of the body, the blood is continuously contracted and expanded, which can achieve the effect of enhancing blood elasticity and preventing blood sclerosis. At the same time, it has a certain health care effect on arthritis, low back pain, bronchitis, neurasthenia and so on.