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Science - What do you know about pooping

2018-03-20 08:00:22

Into the exchange group not a few days, watching a lot of new people and God chat, and then see someone sent a link was said what poop experience can also be sent, as a new person I only watch sneer, hemorrhoids also called poop? It seems that that is also a new, the same is a new Xiaobian dare not speak you speak so afraid of being killed? Then let you watch a real shit experience!


What if I have a bad shit? Not smooth, is constipation, constipation common sense is that 72 hours did not discharge is constipation, but if you and Xiaobian found constipation and then a fever then even 24 hours are not constipation but you have too much fever because of internal fire! So don't look at the time, look at whether you are in trouble or what is specific, after all, the individual is different.


Pooping into water diarrhea, not simply refers to diarrhea, more than three times a day is also called diarrhea. Diarrhea naturally need to take medicine, but what medicine to eat? Also, do you know why you have diarrhea? Some eat not fresh food poisoning, some drink milk diarrhea, and eat too much gastrointestinal indigestion, there are gastrointestinal colds, medicine to eat, but because of illness and eat.


Pooping and bleeding and bleeding in the stool is not a small thing, stomach bleeding or intestinal problems or something? If you do not eat red food and found blood in the stool, quickly go to the hospital! Find a doctor to do a quick check, a very easy check, if the doctor said not serious but no problem, if suspected of stomach bleeding can have to be hospitalized!


Pooping rub bleeding and the above one is different, this may be hemorrhoids, of course, it is not not possible to rupture bleeding, but still want to know whether hemorrhoids is better, otherwise when the time is serious words may be removed hemorrhoids oh! Mixed hemorrhoids must be operated on, single hemorrhoids can be guided by the doctor with ointment, listen to the doctor's words must be correct, the focus is still not always sitting vegetarian on.


Baby making green poo? The gastrointestinal function of the newborn baby is not perfect, and the new mother will let the baby breathe air when she is feeding the baby, but she does not know that after feeding the baby hiccups, so the baby's excrement will turn green and thin if the baby eats the iron-containing milk powder and does not absorb it, the baby will also make green excrement. If this is always the case, please give some lactic acid bacteria to eat!


What do you eat for diarrhea? I said earlier that different diarrhea should be treated differently, not very serious is Smida, and then no berberine, and then serious diarrhea is a lot of water plus floxacin. Be sure to add a lot of water, because diarrhea will lose water seriously, and eating floxacin is not good for the kidneys must be a lot of water, minerals will lack, so it is best to buy rehydration salts with water, even if salt water can be used, Then suspend all food to drink millet porridge (it is best to drink porridge oil rich nutrition for the baby can drink) plus homemade clean small pickles (do not use cold is best to use hot, clean than bought). If it is very serious, buy lactobacillin tablets, the taste is a little like milk tablets but smaller than milk tablets, the taste of yogurt is a little like, but the price is more expensive, eat a little is better for the gastrointestinal tract.