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See B ultrasound single know baby sex?

2018-03-20 12:48:26

A "How to predict the baby's gender" has become popular, the general content is to tell readers that pregnant mothers do B-ultrasound inspection, there will be data on the size of the pregnancy sac, through the data can predict the baby's gender. However, a number of obstetrics and gynecology experts said that looking at the size and shape of the pregnancy sac to speculate on the baby's gender is nonsense and very unreliable. A. The hot blog entitled "How to predict the sex of the baby" has two main points: First, to see the shape of the pregnancy sac through B-ultrasound, like eggplant or long strips is more likely to be a male baby, and the round is more likely to be a female baby; Second, through B-ultrasound data, if the difference between the length and width of the pregnant sac is more than twice, the male baby is more likely, and the length and width are equal, the female baby is more likely. Also listed 19 different gestational weeks of pregnancy sac B-ultrasound data, so as to infer the baby male and female. For example, the size of the 46-day B-ultrasound pregnancy capsule is 20mm×17mm×17mm, and the baby will be a girl. The reporter gave this data to two senior obstetrics and gynecology experts in the industry, and they both gave the same conclusion ——— ——. Reporter introduced, pregnancy sac size, there are generally three ways to measure, some according to the length, width, thickness of the section, some according to the length and width of the section, there are also according to the longest diameter line measurement, the measurement of some long, wide, thickness, some only length and width, measurement methods are different, more chaotic. Data are inconsistent, with the gestational week, some pregnancy sac size data is even smaller than before, and some pregnancy sac size does not meet the general level. Liao Zhiqiong said that everyone's embryo development is not the same, better development, the pregnancy sac will be larger, the development of almost, the pregnancy sac is naturally small. It is naturally impossible to use a single data as a universal reference data. "Not everyone 46 days pregnant sac is necessarily 20mm×17mm×17mm, larger or smaller than this is a big possibility, how to use for reference?" B. The shape of the pregnancy sac has nothing to do with the shape of the boys and girls, said that the pregnancy sac shaped like an eggplant or a long strip is more likely to be a boy, and the round is more likely to be a girl. Professor Song Helan pointed out to reporters that the shape of the pregnancy bag is not necessarily the actual shape. "When the B-ultrasound probe is perpendicular to the uterine plane, the pregnancy sac is rounded; The B-ultrasound probe has a certain Angle of inclination to the uterine plane, and the pregnancy sac taken is long, which is just a difference in the Angle of the B-ultrasound probe, and does not represent the shape of the pregnancy sac itself." She also pointed out that normal embryos, both male and female, should be round. It is clinically possible to find eggplant-shaped pregnancy sac, which means that the embryo development is not good, the embryo sac has been deformed, and there is a tendency to threatened abortion; On the contrary, the pregnancy sac is very round and full, indicating that the embryo is developing well. C.B ultrasound pregnancy sac size is designed to measure pregnancy week Song Helan also pointed out that the size of the pregnancy sac has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. "We measured the gestational age by measuring the size of the pregnancy sac, not the size of the pregnancy sac by the gestational week." The size of the pregnancy sac is related to the length of pregnancy, menopause is not equal to being pregnant immediately, which is why some people are not due to give birth, and some people are not due to give birth, therefore, the size of the pregnancy sac through B-ultrasound is to push the pregnancy week. "The size of the pregnancy sac through B-ultrasound is mainly to see how the baby develops, such as the previous test of about 1cm, after a week or 1cm or only 1.2cm, it indicates that it may not develop well, and even may miscarry and abort." D. Expert: What should B ultrasound look at to determine whether intrauterine pregnancy. The first B timeout within 12 weeks of early pregnancy is to confirm whether the embryo is in or out of the uterus. Find out how long you're pregnant. According to the embryo size to confirm the pregnancy week, some women are not allowed to menstruation, it is necessary to speculate how long the pregnancy through the embryo size. Look at the effect of fetal protection treatment. If the patient with bleeding in early pregnancy, after the abortion treatment, through the B-ultrasound to see whether there is a long fetus, evaluate the effect of abortion. Teratogenesis occurs during the second trimester (18-24 weeks). At this time, the B-ultrasound examination is called prenatal diagnosis, and the fetal deformity is excluded through systematic examination. Third trimester (32 weeks of pregnancy) secondary exclusion. Small deformities may not be visible before, and B-ultrasound can be checked out at this time, which is necessary for mothers who have had deformed babies or mothers who have congenital heart disease. Provide guidance for delivery before delivery (38 weeks gestation). Before the birth of another B-ultrasound, the purpose is to determine how big the baby is, whether it can be vaginal delivery; Also determine how the baby's fetal position is, in order to correct the fetal position; Also look at the amount of amniotic fluid, if the amniotic fluid is too little, the process of birth is easy to cause fetal hypoxia in utero; Finally see if the baby has umbilical cord around the neck, the umbilical cord is short, easy to appear fetal distress.