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See through the wedding dress to enhance the bride's sex appeal index

2018-02-16 01:36:00

See-through clothing is arguably the most fashionable word in 21st century fashion. The trend of perspective has not only swept the fashion runway around the world, but also integrated into the field of wedding dresses, flower lace, embroidery and tulle materials have become many wedding dress brands compete for fashion elements, but also let the bride's sex appeal index soared. White lace and hazy tulle fabric, outline the suffocating beauty, coupled with the fit design, the perspective element of the elegant, sexy perfect show. Vintage lace corsets mixed with see-through elements, layers of ruffled skirts, both let the bride show a small sexy, without worrying about too hot. Gorgeous beaded embroidery and delicate flower lace create a perspective effect, fit the body cut and beautiful fishtail skirt design, so that the bride's small sex appeal is looming, avatar seduced "mermaid". Reem Acra, known for its vintage luxury, also experimented with perspective in its fall 2013 collection. The delicate embroidery and tulle present a gorgeous perspective texture, with a long veil full of retro sense, the bride is as light and elegant as a fairy. Flowers, embroidery lingering in the body, under the hazy tulle perspective of the bride's sexy, graceful posture, to create a very attractive, charming temperament of the forest bride, instantly dump sentient beings! See-through clothing is not just synonymous with sex appeal and seduction. Small lace flowers flowing on the gauzy material, romantic ruffles, filled with pastoral atmosphere. As a destination wedding bridal dress, I believe it is a good choice.