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Self-examination adult education network education junior college

2018-03-04 19:12:00

Now a lot of work is very focused on academic qualifications, basically are junior college start, so before many secondary school graduates, junior high school graduates, junior college graduates, college entrance examination did not test good babies are very sorry. I want to upgrade my education, but I don't want to repeat it. Nowadays, there are many ways to promote academic qualifications, in addition to the national entrance examination, these are the second degree. In addition to the national entrance, there are the following four. Gold content sort: national entrance -- self-examination -- adult education -- network education -- big electricity.






Examination paper


Unified entrance: This different explanation also knows that it is directly through the college entrance examination, if the ability is just missed, you can consider re-reading.


Self-examination: The full name of higher education self-study examination, candidates can obtain a single subject certificate for each subject passed. The graduation certificate shall be jointly stamped by the examining institution and the self-examination Committee and marked with the higher education self-study examination. I personally think it is difficult to pass the exam without a certain degree of self-discipline, a total of ten subjects, only through the exam to get the diploma, if you want to get a bachelor's degree certificate, you must pass the English CET-4. Before passing the undergraduate course, we must first get the junior college diploma.


Adult college entrance examination: Unified examination for adult colleges and universities, a similar way for adults to improve the college entrance examination. There are three kinds of learning methods for adult college entrance examination: off-job, correspondence and business, and its learning form is more flexible, and candidates can choose according to their own circumstances. In the last week of October each year, the total score of 450 points, 130 can be admitted, relatively high pass rate, after admission can basically sit for two and a half years to get a diploma, for the work is busy, the heart of learning baby is a good choice.


Network education: It is a kind of adult education degree. It refers to the teaching mode of practical TV and Internet and other communication media, which breaks the boundary of time and space and is different from the traditional teaching mode of on-campus accommodation. Network education is often said that modern distance education, students to participate in the host colleges and universities to organize the examination, the implementation of the wide entry and strict out system, network education according to the provisions of the full course, you can obtain state-recognized academic qualifications, according to the credit system, the total number of 100 credits, complete 80 points can graduate.


National Open University: The National Open University is a university that implements higher education with modern media technologies such as television, radio and computer networks. It mainly adopts joint education with other universities. After graduation, the Central Radio and Television University issues the graduation certificate. The threshold to learn is low, mainly regular face-to-face and through the network platform to learn, with a certain degree of openness, with a certain degree of openness, but also belongs to the national recognition of academic qualifications.

Matters needing attention

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