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Self-help tour guide

2018-03-19 17:36:00

If you choose in transit, time is sufficient to go to the flower and bird market, from the airport to the train station, only need 10 to 15 dollars, very close. If it is by car, it is far away, if you take a taxi, it is estimated that 30~40, the passenger station is called the western passenger station. There are not many things to play, a flower and bird market, a family village, but Shi Lin Jiu Xiang is still good, worth going, generally play 1 day almost. From to also pass, is also a, interested, you can play for two days, the basic scenic spots have wind and snow moon, "wind and snow Moon" is the most famous four landscapes: Xiaguan wind, Shangguan flower, Cangshan snow, Erhai moon. If you don't like it, you can just come.

Before coming

I suggest that you book your accommodation online first, whether it is the inn or the wine, it is mainly what you like. As for which inn or wine is good, it has to be said that there are still many inns that are good, but the decoration style of each is not the same, as for the price, look at everyone's values and consumption power to choose, you can also go on our easy to see the travel network (can be under our website) the inn and wine are quite cost-effective. General inn booking about 3 days, there will be a plane or train service, booking inn the main advantage is that responsible for picking up the plane or pick up the car, the train driver can directly send you to the inn. It saves you dragging a suitcase around, and it's easy to get lost. If there is no booking of the inn, it is more expensive, the airport can take the airport bus to the blue Sky hotel, and then take a taxi from the blue Sky hotel. By car, you can also get off and take a taxi, all you need is a starting fee. If it is a train, you can take No. 13 to the industry and trade, and then ask the passers-by, very close, walk 5-10 minutes. You can also take a taxi, generally 20~30 yuan. There is also a small bread, that is generally 10 to 15 dollars, responsible for picking up. END

Lahai Shu River ancient town one day tour

This is generally the first trip that tourists will choose after they come, because this is relatively easy, and you can make a small adjustment for just coming. La city sea price, which is very messy, more than 100 to more than 300 have, this depends on the personal consumption power, you can on our easy with the travel online consultation, will save a lot of things. Shuhe ancient town, you can choose to go to the sea to play after the driver to take you to the past, Shuhe fewer people, quiet, things are relatively cheap. There is an irregular admission fee and Guwei fee, generally in the peak season, but it is easy to escape tickets, so it is best to consult the owner of your hotel before going. From taxi to Shuhe, usually 15 yuan. END

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain one day tour

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, it should be said that it is very famous, the scenery is also good, especially on the big ropeway. Generally a few people pack a van about 150, you can go to Yulong, the charter can also take the surrounding scenic spots, jade water village, Dongba Valley and so on are playing. The cost of Yulong is relatively high, and the average cost of a person is about 400. END

Tiger Leaping Gorge one day tour

This is divided into tiger jump and medium tiger jump. Generally speaking, a tour is more cost-effective. The ticket for the Tiger Jump is 50, and there is a bus from the bus station that can go there directly. END

Shangri-la 2 day tour

This route, the scenic spots of different clubs are not the same, some are playing Tiger Leaping Gorge + Pudacuo, some are Tiger Leaping Gorge + Shika Snow Mountain, and some are Tiger Leaping Gorge + Pudacuo + Songzan Lin Temple. This depends on personal preference, but if there are many people, there are generally 4 people, I recommend that you pack a car to Shangri-La to play, so the price is similar, but also less with the group fatigue and reduce the fatigue of the journey. If you go in that direction, you can go to the merry snow Mountain, and then go, to the rain collapsed, but these need 4 to 6 days to go back and forth, for friends who have time, it is still worth it. END

Lugu Lake 3-day tour

Lugu Lake, also some clubs are doing a 2-day tour, but basically can't play too much, everyone think ah, Lugu Lake back and forth on 14 hours, 2 day tour can play what? Lugu Lake, you can do the passenger station car, you can also follow the group, are very convenient, see personal hobbies, the budget is high, chartered bus is also OK, save trouble, you can also circle the lake. END

Independent tour

There are two requirements. First, a certified person with a certificate. What tour guide card, student card, military officer card, disability card, what to bring what, there is a tour guide card, tickets are free, friends have a student card can be halved, ticket concessions are still good. Second, check more guidelines, prepare a map, and communicate with people on the tour. Along the way to meet a lot of people who go where is where, although leisurely, but inevitably encounter cheated things, in addition, learn to exchange various information with people in the process of travel, help you to have a detailed and true understanding of the place to go, get twice the result with half the effort. You can check the "China Ancient town network" of the relevant inn introduction, and download coupons. And book accommodation. Basically these, if you do not understand, you can consult relevant information on our website with the travel network, or continue to ask questions, I hope you will be satisfied with my answer, I wish you a happy trip!! END