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Set off Cixi driving bayberry picking day tour

2018-02-25 08:00:00

Cixi is known as the "hometown of China's red bayberry" and has passed the certification of origin protection of red bayberry. Cixi arbutus is mainly the famous "water chestnut seed" and "early big seed" Arbutus, with large fruit, small pit, good color, tender meat, rich juice and taste, sweet and delicious, its quality advantages are very obvious, fresh food and processing can be. So far, Cixi Armyberry has been exported to Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Japan and other markets through various networks, becoming the hometown of overseas travelers. June is the peak season of Cixi Bayberry tourism.


In the morning, take Hangyong Expressway and exit Yuyao Expressway, and go to Xianggeri Resort Estate, Dashihan Village, Henghe Town, Cixi, via Yuyao. Xianggri Agricultural Scenic spot, located in the world's first bay across the sea bridge, Henghe Mountain, the hometown of Chinese red Bayberry, covers an area of 1300 acres, with an average altitude of 160 meters, is the second highest mountain village in Cixi City, but also become the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences selenium rich red bayberry production base.


At noon, go to Cixi International Trade brand stall to eat, and taste the authentic Cixi special seafood. Cixi International Trade big name file, located in the south of the second Ring Road and the intersection of the south, the main nightlife culture. Cixi Xinzuo Business Management Co., LTD., together with the experienced Guangdong and Hong Kong catering consulting team to build strong, dual strength guarantee; Covering a total area of 7000 square meters, it covers a full range of catering, including seafood, hot pot, barbecue, Japanese and Korean cuisine, bar restaurant and other diversified catering forms. After dinner, Cixi International Trade marquee file, have a cup of tea break.


Return from Yuyao in the evening. END