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Seven-day tour route food planning

2018-02-24 16:00:00

There are so many beautiful places, of course, we can't visit all the places in 7 days. Choose a few places that can best experience the atmosphere, and experience the years of quiet. 1, a long history, bustling 2, the ancient quiet Shuhe ancient town 3, spectacular Yulong Snow Mountain 4, beautiful Lashi Sea 5, 6, gentle and quiet Erhai.


Id card, electric car, cold medicine, sunscreen, oxygen bottle, small snacks


→ Shuhe Ancient Town → Lashihai → Yulong Snow Mountain → Erhai (2 days) First set a good ticket or train ticket online, and then set a good place to live (some have pick up service, direct accommodation after getting off the plane)


Day 1:, can say is to eat is to eat, play inside: Inside, the four square snack street (more concentrated snack street, located in Dashiqiao Square Street) has small pot rice noodles, Baba, butter tea, fried tofu, rice enema, yak yogurt, vinegar ribs, tofu wrapped in milk, grilled fish (must eat), a variety of fruit platters, a variety of special snacks.                                                                                                                  Play: Oil-paper umbrellas in the alley (take photos), the bar while listening to music while drinking to enjoy life, the big water wheel at the west gate (punch in), Lion Rock Mountain (charge for the best position to see the panorama), Mu Fu (charge), and at night you can dance around the torch with a group of strangers.                                                             Note: You can buy oxygen cylinders in order to use on the snow mountain, cheaper than in the snow mountain


Day 2: Shuhe Ancient Town is relatively close to Yulong Snow Mountain (about 8 kilometers away). Relative to the bustle of Shuhe Ancient town is relatively quiet, more distinctive, you can live here at night, feel the famous customs and local life attractions: Sifang Street, Jiuding, Tea Horse Ancient Road Museum, Sanyan Well, Sifang Listen Square, Snow Mountain Art town, Sansheng Palace food: Rainbow trout, Shuhe cold noodles, farm ham, sauerkraut fried potato


Day 3: Lashi Sea (Shuhe → Lashi Sea in the Shu River take the 5 inner ring to Adan Pavilion and get off from Adan Pavilion to Lu Wetland Park) Play: horse riding, Lashi Sea Tea Horse Road, Sunshine Coast


Day 4: Yulong Snow Mountain Note: Some tickets bought online need to be taken in, tickets after 8:30, attractions including Gan Haizi, Blue Moon Valley. Grand Ropeway (179 yuan Glacier Park round trip ropeway ticket + round trip eco-car + snow buffet). Yulong Snow Mountain has three ropeways, the starting point of three ropeways are Gan Haizi, do environmental protection cars can be reached. Big ropeway to Glacier Park (the most popular), Spruce Ping ropeway to Spruce Ping (a good location to view the snow mountains), yak ropeway to plateau pasture, and down the snow mountains to Blue Moon Valley (by environmental protection vehicle in the scenic spot)


Day 5: Features (village) to live in or features also have three cableway, But sense Temple ropeway is to go more people to play the route: by Sense Temple to walk through the jade belt cloud tour route and ropeway down the mountain,


Due to the dust on the reconstruction road in the west, the scenery is not as good as that in the east, so it is recommended to spend most of the time in the east

Matters needing attention

The temperature difference in winter is relatively large at night, and the day is best for 10 seasons, so pay attention to adding clothes