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Several channels to buy movie tickets online

2018-01-13 11:12:00

Nowadays, the demand for watching movies is increasing, many people buy movie tickets online and use various apps to buy, which is very convenient. Because the website provides the movie ticket purchase channels, from the theater automatic ticket machine on the various websites can be seen. This article will simply introduce several channels to buy movie tickets on the web page


Networked computer


Buy on Taofen Press Bao, there are currently movies that can provide a seat selection interface.


Buy on glutinous rice, glutinous rice is a group buying website, you can buy sleep no cheap movie tickets.


Buy on, is a traditional large group buying website, can provide group purchase movie tickets


Guevara Movies, Guevara is the new film distributor, you can purchase movie tickets


Mtime, Mtime is the former movie review network, which can also buy movie tickets directly.


Wanda Cinema Line, if you go to Wanda Cinema City to watch a movie, you can buy movie tickets online in Wanda Cinema Line, many other such as Jin Yi, Orange also have their own online seat selection channels


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Cat's eye movie, this many movie city has cat's eye unique ticket machine, this two years of summer contention is very common.

Matters needing attention

Many group-buying sites offer great deals