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Several suggestions for the latest SCI publication and article modification

2018-04-01 09:36:46

1) If you have a good and mature idea, do not split the article. Although several articles have face, they can not get high impact factor and citation rate; 2) It is not recommended to blindly submit, it will only waste our precious time, choose your favorite magazine and understand the format requirements of the magazine and the difficulty of submission, and make use of the Internet to search for relevant publishing experience; 3) For revising articles and replying to reviewers, learn more about how others reply and learn from them; 4) The experimental opportunities are limited, so it is necessary to know how to make use of the opportunities, seize various emergencies in the process of the experiment, and understand the reasons to find a breakthrough in the research; 5) Research is not necessarily from scratch, but also from the existing to the new, from the direction of other people's research to find a breakthrough point is also a way; 6) In addition to authentic and credible data, good narrative ability is also very important, dry articles always let people down, in the submission of many times before the revision to achieve their own satisfaction, so it is better than being rejected to save time and save sci service papers. Recommendation: What are the methods to solve the power problem in the scientific research field