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Share summer parenting tips

2018-03-26 11:12:01

Share summer parenting tips


The best way to avoid sunburn is simply to keep children out of the sun. "We previously advised against using sunscreen for children under six months of age, but a new AAP policy introduced a few years ago stated that sunscreen is likely safe for infants, especially when applied only to exposed, unclothed areas of the child's skin, the child's hands and face," the parenting expert said.


Make sure your baby gets plenty of fluids and moves to a cooler place when the temperature rises. Breastfeed your baby often, but remember to put a towel between you and your baby to keep you and your baby dry and cool, and make sure older children drink plenty of water.


You can also give the baby a warm bath, do not use talcum powder in summer, because it may cause heat rash. Let your baby play in a small, shallow kiddie pool, but make sure an adult is watching. A more ancient way to cool a child is to place a damp cloth on the forehead and the back of one neck.


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Babies don't sweat as much as older children and adults do to regulate their body temperature, so pay extra attention to how much they wear on hot days. Clothing should choose soft, breathable cotton cloth, cotton cloth will not lock in moisture, will not hinder skin breathing. Loose and comfortable clothing such as onesie and elastic pants and skirts are ideal. Put fewer layers on your baby so that the temperature rises or shifts from the sun to the shade, and you can easily remove them. Don't forget that dark colors absorb heat, and choose light colors for your baby to keep her coolest.


If you notice a hot rash on your baby, untie her clothes and move her to a cool place or a cooler room. You can cool her down with a clean, damp cloth, or give her a bath. For older children, you can add oatmeal or soda to the water to ease the discomfort of a hot rash. Also, if your baby is very sensitive when you touch her skin, talk to your pediatrician to see if you can apply calamine lotion, a cream with half the usual hydrocortisone content, or pure aloe vera gel to the most sensitive areas.

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