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Sharp boundary is dry or wet clutch

2018-04-13 19:12:49

It's a wet clutch. It's an ordinary 6AT transmission. Long medium and large SUV Ford Ruijie PLUS was officially launched on December 22, 2020, with a total of 6 new models, and the recommended retail price range is 22.98-309,800 yuan. On the basis of upholding the high-performance genetic core, Ford Ruijie PLUS enables the new car to realize the full dimensional evolution from the exterior interior, to luxury quality, and then to intelligent technology. Not only is it the performance king in the field of medium and large SUVs, but the large space can better meet the diversified needs of users. The vehicle is equipped with the "Ford Road Collaborative System" carried on the Ford Edge PLUS, which marks that Long has officially introduced the technical competition of intelligent driving into a new battlefield dimension. The system can help car owners anticipate risks, thereby improving driving safety and efficiency, and consumers will have a smart way to travel that they have never experienced before. Based on cellular Vehicle networking (C-V2X) technology, Ford's vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) can realize real-time interconnection between vehicles, intelligent Infrastructure, and urban traffic cloud control platforms, like installing "clairvoyant" and "wind ear" for the car. In addition to providing traffic lights, congestion, accidents and other information on the road ahead, it also provides speed suggestions (green wave speed), red light warning and other functions.