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Six days flight to Lugu Lake Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

2018-04-04 14:24:14

If you are 6 days, to go to these places, may be a little tight, because now Lugu Lake in the construction of the road, the bus may take 8-9 hours, that is, two days back and forth, and then Lugu Lake play one day, three days removed. DAY1: After flying, go directly to the train, stay nearby or in the corridor that night (depending on the owner's preference). DAY2: Can play, or go to the double corridor is now very popular to play, personally recommend the double corridor bike to dig color, that section is the most beautiful viewing point of Erhai. DAY3: Drive there, after arriving, you can play in Dayan or Suhe, stay that night. DAY4: Yulong Snow Mountain for a whole day, challenge 4680 altitude in the morning, and go to Blue Moon Valley in the afternoon. DAY5: Drive to Lugu Lake. DAY6: Visit Lugu Lake. DAY7: Lugu Lake return. It is really difficult to go to Lugu Lake in 6 days, I hope some of the content will help you.