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Six-day tour

2018-04-04 12:48:20

Free travel of two girls 6.16-6.22


app: Taxi and so on


A friend who can take pictures


To take a plane to (tickets are cheaper Ctrip has recommended transfer routes some can be adopted) from the airport to the airport bus (20/ person) to almost dinner time to eat pork ribs (featured fire) and then in the stroll of Dayan (commonly known as) the night is very beautiful, shop a better than a good look, when the tourists are not much to find the big ice hut, Many people waited outside (the cabin is very small and only a group of people can go in) for a long time, listening to the singer sing the song to the other side of the second floor to play the game, a group of young people play a lot of fun until midnight we left

Method/Step 2

The next day because of booking a B&B, in the ancient town of Shuhe, so in the Dayan ancient town left in the afternoon to go to La city sea is the B&B boss with the past train service, Chinese food + riding + boating + dinner 280/ people to feed the horses of the Naxi people are very fun and very kind, a very happy group of people riding when it rained too expensive did not buy a raincoat, The uncle put the raincoat on the horse to us on their horses are called Jack, Obama and other hhh to visit the ancient town of Dayan at night, not very lively and not special later can not find the way back, asked all the way, are almost twelve o 'clock to arrive


The third day according to the recommendation of the inn owner went to Guanyin Gorge and rose town 340 yuan/person Guanyin Gorge play more, but a variety of tickets are not cheap, the original wishing forest in Guanyin Gorge, wishing cards 20-50 rose town is not recommended, in addition to colorful houses and realistic 3D painting there is no more fun


The fourth day by train to the railway station to take 5 yuan/person through train to the car will have staff recommend a day trip we chose Erhai + Longma Valley + double corridor + Xishou ancient town 240 yuan/person in the afternoon in the ancient town, feel interesting shop more than Dayan ancient town, and the road is more standard, the map is a checkerboard look almost dark we found the big ice hut, The one I like better, it's a little more primitive

Method/Step 3

It's gone, but there's a lot of history back and I'm ready to go to the train station


The train at eleven o 'clock in the evening, after five o 'clock in the morning to go to the airport to take a plane, because at that time only to the ticket is cheaper, there is not far from the train station on the right side to the airport 919c line 13 yuan/person train station 25 yuan/person home everything is in the plan

Matters needing attention

Be sure to pay attention to the UV very strong second black kind


It's a good idea to ask a local friend about the weather before taking some spare clothes


Be careful not to catch a cold cold in the plateau area is not easy to get rid of


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