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Skin care bottle bottom date how to see

2018-03-15 03:12:30

Some friends consult the skin care product bottle bottom date how to see, then simply introduce for you:


Whether it is maintenance products or makeup products, the storage period is three years. It has four lot numbers, and only the first two are related to the date of manufacture: the first represents the year of production, and the second is the month. For example,43xx is November 2010, 44xx is December 2010, 45xx is January 2011, and so on. The last two lot numbers don't mean anything


The general meaning of the makeup date, the date mainly looks at the middle two (third and fourth), the first two are: 18, representing the origin of the United States, the third is: H, representing the year of production, H is 2011, G is 2010, F is 2009, E is 2008, to 2012 is J (skip I), 2013 is K. In 2014 it was L. and so on.


The fourth place is 3, representing the month of production, which is March. 1-9 indicates January to September, October, November and December are represented by the first letter of the English word (October and October are represented by O, November and November are represented by N, and December and December are represented by D), and the fifth and sixth digits are: OZ represents the production line.