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Skin care tips for beautiful girls

2018-02-24 09:36:00

White and smooth skin is the highest goal pursued by every beauty lady. There are many skin care tips in life to ensure that the skin is permanently smooth. Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look!


Every night before going to bed, be sure to clean your face and use some common substances in your life. Vinegar, glycerin, in a ratio of five to one to blend into a novel mixture, directly used to smear the face and neck, which can ensure a smooth overnight, in half an hour directly rinse, apply the night after direct sleep, two weeks or so, you can obviously feel the skin changes. 2. Improve the skin pigment this method can not be less vinegar this beauty recipe, the 250 grams of walnut meat immersed in 500 grams of vinegar, the bottle is sealed, until 10 days later can be directly drunk, drink two tablespoons every day after meals, this method can effectively improve the skin rough, dark, simple ingredients in life can be very good whitening skin care, is definitely worth learning. 3. Remove facial stains This method many people may have heard of, this method with the above method has the same wonderful. 500 grams of vinegar in 250 grams of soybeans, the bottle cap sealed, wait until 15 days after the daily take 10 to 15 vinegar soaked beans after breakfast chewing, which is very helpful for removing facial stains, and for lowering cholesterol also has a good effect, skin care tips worth learning from salt 4. The particles of dead skin salt are uniform and small, and it is easy to dissolve after meeting with water, and we cleverly use salt, directly apply salt to the skin, and use appropriate massage techniques, which can remove the dirt and aging cutin on the face, and effectively maintain the skin moisturizing and not tight, natural skin care method, so that many beautiful women can not put down. 5. Tremella to fine lines eyes easy to long fine lines ladies have to pay attention to, this method is very useful, directly use tremella and a little water to cook for an hour or so, and finally boil into a very thick soup, directly applied to the eyes, the rest can be put in the refrigerator, so stick to it, you will find a lot less fine lines. 6. Apply potato slices to eyes, remove dark circles under eyes, peel potatoes and wash them. Cut thick slices about 2cm. Lying on a bed or couch, apply potato slices directly to your eyes, wait about 5 minutes, and then rinse off. Applying it at night can directly eliminate eye fatigue.