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Sky City is the most suitable music for ukulele beginners

2018-03-29 11:12:20

City in the Sky, ukulele fingerprinting




Music score


"City in the Sky" is the theme song of the Japanese animated film of the same name, which was released by Ghibli in 1986, and Ghibli worked on the editor, producer, script, and character setting by Hayao Miyazaki. So this work is also called Miyazaki Hayao's masterpiece. The song "City in the Sky" has been sung by many people for a long time. The beauty of its melody often makes people intoxicated and even tears. Many people have also tried to play this song with different instruments, such as piano, guitar, guzheng, flute, etc. Today, we will teach you how to use the ukulele to present this song.


ukulele English name ukulele is a kind of Hawaiian ukulele, Taiwan also called Ukulele, this instrument generally has two forms of performance, one is Ukulele finger playing, one is Ukulele singing. At present, there are many varieties of ukulele, beginners generally choose ADELA Adela, shell, Enya piano, advanced piano like: Nishi Nices, Martin, kamaka these feel very good. Because the ukulele production process is relatively not difficult, so now many domestic cost-effective is very high


In fact, "City in the Sky" as a ukulele beginner's repertoire is verified however, not only in its melodic beauty, but also in its simplicity and ease of learning. The following is a beginner version of the ukulele score of Sky City:

Matters needing attention

Please practice a lot