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Small apartment how simple decoration

2018-02-20 11:12:00

The "noble" of the house price is really hurting people, and in this large pattern, most people either choose to rent, or can only choose a small area small apartment to buy, then for this small area small apartment decoration how to use the space to the extreme?


No more than 60 square meters of small household decoration


Living room/Bedroom/bathroom


First of all, the space of a small apartment is limited, but life must have a sense of ritual and function. In this limited space, when we decorate, we should pay attention to the layout, that is, the partition and distribution design of each functional area.


Second, is the decoration style and theme tone choice. Here Xiaodong would like to remind you that the friends of the room: due to the space limitations of small units, so you like the happy style of colorful rainbows, but the most safe and conducive to the ductility and feasibility of the space is still minimalist and pure color, of course, you can add a variety of corresponding decorations, just say that the overall space design choice of minimalist and pure color oh!


Finally, the bathroom should be singled out. After all, this is an essential functional area for family health and hygiene, and it is also an operational potential area, as small as it may be, but the function can be designed. Can consider custom furniture cabinets, fully according to the site size and spatial distribution to play the use of space and storage and other functions!

Matters needing attention

TIPS1: When designing the layout, choose an open space to have a broad sense of space, or use a partition: use glass/mirrors.


TIPS2: Now the market furniture customization is very mature, you can choose more famous or brand, there is a guarantee and maintenance and other logistics services, will be more at ease oh, to long-term consideration!