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Smart how to set various screen locks

2018-03-19 06:24:15

For various reasons, we need to set the screen lock, perhaps to prevent children from touching, causing unnecessary trouble, perhaps do not want others to open without the consent of the owner, to protect privacy. Let's learn how to set up a simple screen lock. Method/Steps: First open, find the setting function, and open; Drop down to find safe and open; Find screen lock and click Open; Here are 4 options, none, slide, pattern, PIN; No of course is no lock, when opened directly into the interface, here we focus on the following three; Slide: When we need to set it to slide, directly click slide, and then automatically exit, pattern: when we need to set the pattern, click the pattern to enter, there will be 9 dots, when we set the pattern, arbitrarily connect the 4-point pattern, and then click to continue to enter your connected 4-point pattern again, the setting is successful, PIN: The so-called PIN, in fact, is a password lock, when you click into the PIN setting, you will be asked to enter any 4 numbers as a password, after the completion of the input once again to set successful. Note: When you need to set the lock is set, close the screen, reopen the screen will be you set the interface, and then directly enter your password or pattern, you can enter the interface.